BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Does anyone else see this playing out? This would signal a retracement down to around 52-49k, before heading up to form a higher high.
Then we head up to 91k, before a quick retracement and up to 125k, before the next big correction.

Trend has broken on this current impulse, and we're not seeing it close over 61,970.

My friend's 4 year old said this chart is going to the moon. So that's pretty bullish sign.
Comment: After recent events, I'm not so sure it plays out like this, I think this impulse might have been enough with btc back over 62k
Comment: Hitting that point where it's time to go long!
Comment: Right at bottom support!! If it holds, I'd be pretty bullish heading forward