Watch for BTC and BTC only!! Stalking the bull like a TIGER!

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hello fellow traders!

Here to a mega realistic take on BTC . BTC has been giving the direction to the whole market and you shall watch for him and him only to tell you when it's your time to take on the bull by the horn. Well let me tell you the time hasn't come yet. Keep stalking your prey like a hunter, your sniper shall be ready for that sure shot. BE PATIENT!

Let's dive in straight to the point. We're looking at BTC on a daily chart here because daily's has been the best time frame for BTC . Daily gave us spot on confirmation in the past through those beautiful Bollinger Bands and that sweet SMA200 (big blue ligne). This analysis shall be very simple has I believe the simpliest analysis are the best of em in that cryptoworld where TA usualy end up being useless.

Fellow trader, let's be real, BTC is going down. I said it. We have a quadriple confirmation. Lower Bollinger Bands have been hit + White support have been broken + Yellow trend line have been broken + we're trading bellow SMA . But it's a shine of hope for us! we now eye ourselves for BTC to hit that red trendline wich is very likely. As that trendline been the main target. As I said we keep it simple. There's no way to be sure it will reach or bounce on that red line but we adapt to the likeliest scenario to make the surest shot. We stay patient. There is no bull only bear. Don't make that shot right now, your sniper bullets are precious. You shall wait for the bull to show its horn.

I'm here to remind you. TIME IS YOUR FRIEND. PATIENCE IS KEY.

(If Red trend line doesn't hold we still have that green trendline but this will be for an other TA)

From your beloved,