Bitcoin - 300,000 USD by 2025, here is why!

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There is almost no doubt that Bitcoin will continue in the bull market in 2024/2025. After the ETF approval, Bitcoin is going up as institutional investors gain confidence in this type of investment. But what all people want to know is when to sell Bitcoin and prepare for the next bear market. Bitcoin's bear markets are very devastating, and the usual correction is around 80% - 70% from the peak. That's why it's good to time a good exit point if you are a trader. If you are a hodler, then you probably have your bitcoin in a Trezor hardware wallet and you don't care about volatility, even though it's not nice to see that your portfolio is down by 70%.

To determine the exit point, we need to use technical analysis on a weekly/monthly scale. In the chart, you can see price action in recent years and all these swings during previous bear markets. We can draw a massive ascending parallel channel and take a look at the market cycles. Selling at the top of the upward-sloping trendline is definitely a good idea, but will Bitcoin offer this opportunity? Sometimes markets turn bearish just before key levels. 

From a time perspective, October or September 2025 seems like the right time to sell Bitcoin and go into fiat or stable coins. Then buy again, cheaper after the crash. The 2021 peak is a strong level, and Bitcoin should never go below this level. I think Bitcoin volatility should decrease, and we should not see tremendous crashes anymore, but a 50% or 60% crash is something that is definitely very likely. Forget about 80% or 90% of the crashes that happened in 2015 or 2018.

This chart is a representation of the logarithmic scale. If you switch to a classic linear scale, we get a target for the whole bull market of only around 130,000 USD. I will do a linear scale representation in one of the next analyses, so make sure you follow my account so you don't miss this very important analysis!

Let me know what you think about my analysis in the comment section, and please hit boost and follow for more ideas. Trading is not hard if you have a good coach! Thank you, and I wish you successful trades.
But in the short-term I am bearish. Expecting 62k to be hit in June. More info:
The 20-week simple moving average acts as a strong support/resistance for BTC. 
On May 31, 69,000 Bitcoin options worth $4.7 billion and 920,000 Ether options worth $3.5 billion expire. The expiry of crypto options contracts is historically linked to price volatility in the crypto market.

According to the Deribit data, the put/call ratio for the expired Bitcoin options is 0.61. This means more calls (or long contracts) are expiring than puts (or shorts). On the other hand, Ether options had a put/call ratio of 0.46.

The put/call ratio (PCR) is a technical indicator that reflects trader market sentiment. A PCR below 0.7 is considered a strong bullish sentiment, while a PCR above 1 is considered a strong bearish sentiment.
The rising wedge is also breaking down. Expecting a pullback to 62k - 63k!
Q4 2024, Q1 2025 and Q2 2025 will be golden for Bitcoin.
IF you trade Ethereum, It will go down as well with Bitcoin. Wait for lower prices, buy at 62k.

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