Bitcoin Astrology New All-Time High, Full Moon, Mercury Direct &

Bitcoin hits a new All-Time High right on Full Moon day.

What does it mean?
Are these related?

Let's have a look at Bitcoin related to some astrological events.

Bitcoin Astrology with Alan Santana

First, we have a Full Moon in Aries today and it is widely known that the moon is closely related to human behaviour and emotions. When the moon is full, people tend to be more active and outgoing, ready to take risks, move ahead, release, maturation.

The financial markets are also closely related to the sentiment of the people.
How the masses are feeling is also reflected in the markets.

By inference, we can say that the financial markets and the moon are connected.

A full moon would be a great time to see Bitcoin move to a new All-Time High, especially when the moon is in Aries which is the first sign of the zodiac, the pioneer.

Aries has an energy that inspires us to take action, to be brave, take risks and get on with the new.
New paths, solutions, options, choices, and opportunities.

Based on the above description, we can easily see why Bitcoin chose this day to move ahead... There is more.

Bitcoin first peaked in April 2021 also hitting an All-Time High back then.
A strong correction took place and at the same time, many planets (wandering stars) started going retrograde.

A planet is considered to be in retrograde motion when we see it moving backward in the sky.
When planets are retrograde we feel the need to stop, go back, check, revisit before resuming our path to growth.

Five planets total were retrograde while Bitcoin was correcting and all these planets are stationing direct this very month.

Recently Jupiter and Mercury were stationed direct and we see how Bitcoin is also moving forward now with almost full strength.

This is just a glimpse of Bitcoin astrology.

This is shared for your learning and entertainment.
I am hoping that you enjoyed it.

Thanks a lot for reading.


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