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The Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) bounce is now full on and taking place as we hoped to see based on the 11-Sept. "Short-term strange signal"...

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How to improve your trading?
How to trade and make money but also continue with your personal and spiritual growth?!


It has been said that it is needed to stay up to date with the news in order to trade.

There can be some true to this statement but this applies more to stocks and conventional markets that it does to cryptocurrency.

The news, in any way shape or form, can be very detrimental to your personal growth.

You can get information about statements on different companies and institutions, opinions, markets developments, this can be exact data, the rest is mostly nonsense, you can't distinguish from truth/facts/lies but there is no intention of helping you when a news article is shown to the world.

I learned early on that all the information needed for Trading successfully is 100% available on any individual chart.

I confirmed this to be true, I was able to predict the market for many years without a single piece of news, without any outside information, just by looking at individual charts over and over and that was all.

You do not need the news for Cryptocurrency.
You do not need any type of news to trade.

We just saw the potential advantages of reading the news but what about its negative effects?

Watching, reading, following or staying up to date with any type of news source; First, it takes away your own perspective of reality and Second, it stuns your personal growth.

When it comes to Spirituality it is even worst.

The News is all about negative situations, negative feelings, mostly, the things that will cause a reaction within you so that fear can come in and in turn you can be controlled.

If you enjoy trading and want to go deeper, learn how to read the charts.

You can look up Candlestick reading, the most common and basics indicators, chart patterns, mix all this and you have all the tools that you need to continue to trade, be able to make/earn money but at the same time continue with your personal and spiritual growth.

We trade for money, that's for sure...

But first, we want this money to improve our choices, more freedom, to improve our surroundings, give a better lifestyle to our selves and our loved ones, to increase our life comfort.

If this part of the news is negative and you can do without, then we let it go.

Focus on the chart... Or not.

But forget the news, they will not help you wait patiently, follow you plan and achieve your desired results.

We are all together in this...
 Mind above matter.

Do your own research.
Reach your own conclusions.
Learn from anything and everything.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.

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Thanks Alan. Yes, I agree on all levels. Accumulation is over so we are running from here. News is the medium for propaganda, it is free because you are the product. The charts consolidate reality and forecast the future for reasons fundamental to the human condition, we are unconsciously psychic and connected. 🙏❤️
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scratchticket Crypto-Swing
@Crypto-Swing, 'News is free because you're the product'. I paraphrased it but that's really good. Thanks!
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raghufx Crypto-Swing
@Crypto-Swing, Hey man.. this area was oversold so market needed a breath. it has almost nil chance for breakout upside. In fact after nullifying this oversold area it will start its second wave downside. Lets see.

Dankal Waves
Kaloian raghufx
@raghufx, well kinda see a bull trap.. Hope to be wrong. But can see it fall a bit more
@Kaloian, @raghufx, There is no mistake.
raghufx Crypto-Swing
@Crypto-Swing, I think you are ignoring the bigger picture. Else I'm not saying you are wrong.
@raghufx, I think you will find I am a big picture guy. But this is to address your proposition...
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Kaloian raghufx
@raghufx, Bud both options are needed for objective reviewing i weight my opinion the same as the opposite of it..making sure i am not wrong, what maters for me is not who is right or wrong but when time hits my trade to make me money right or wrong you keep posting i do the same the only enemy is the institutions XDD
btc will hit 80k according to my analysis in a month or 2
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AlanSantana ehsanebi
@ehsanebi, That would be really nice.

It is likely to go even higher by end of 2021 or 2022.
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