Bull profit start is where the uptrend starts
Bearish profit ends is where the downtrend begins

Halving dates prove there is no CRASH right after halving. It is a 1 Month time frame meaning each candlestick comes with dips but no CRASH.

ANTI-BUTTERFLY harmonic Reads a value of $102,034. The top Regression trend moves along to meet up with the $102,034 zone.

From halving to bull profit there is nothing but an uptrend on a one-month time frame. Nothing changes. BTC has repeated the same patterns but in different values per halving.

Please view the parallel green rectangle. Compare to previous halvings.

ALERT: After the bull profit, comes a huge dip. 2016 halving, only shows a downtrend after berish profit, not after the bull profit.

$65,068 is just a rough estimate in price, the same pattern just a different value.

Yellow circle dot: Dollar Cost Averaging shows the same measurement, 135 weeks ago. Remember, the same pattern but different price values.

I used a white trend line by connecting it to two hammer-size body candlesticks which is where the harmonic X and D are. $32,981 is another rough estimate as I was led by the white trend line.

I used a Date range to show through candlesticks how the same pattern will happen.
I've applied a set color to each date range.
View bars and days. If I'm off by a little, well if you ask me, It's just guidance.

I've added 2028 halving to get an idea that will have the same pattern but higher in value just like 2024 halving.

NOT IN MY OPINION but let this IDEA SPEAK FOR ITSELF. I created this idea because I'm tired of hearing halving will bring a crash which indeed but not now, just a huge dip as I explained.

Many will have disputes, SO SAVE IT. Let's wait and see if we have a crash like many say.
It’s been confirmed, BTC is not headed for a crash.
Will continue as usual with its BULL and BEARISH momentum as always.
Halving reports same pattern with different volume.
I'm now moving over to my 3hr TF.
There is a high impact rating going on as of now.
Will recover soon
Mates, I just created a pattern formula. I will show BITCOINS' next uptrend and downtrend value. It's amazing.
The only problem is this. I will display it, you can marvel at the idea or you can just say it's bogus. But you're going to know it makes too much sense but the price, you'll find hard to believe.

There is a trader who added his idea ARC to one of my ideas. I really didn't pay much attention to it because I had my answer through halving with much evidence. This trader just drew an Arc line going across in an oval with candlesticks and the rest he just marked.

I know how he did it. I'm just getting it done in perfection by measurement and dates. My arc is aligned in wisdom. I can compare this also with my halving.
I'm also sure you've been walking into art-chart museums at TradingView and looking at the prices. I'm sure you've seen that ARC by now. Compare his with mine. let me know what you think.

I'm almost done with my idea

When it comes down to other ideas. I never believe them until I first confirm with my TA and with all my research tools. This trader made sense but the price was a little unleveled
BTC IS NOT scheduled to fall huge, its been confirmed the uptrend is not over yet. Just like when I told ya yesterday about that 10% reversal.
rates are in the 90s, just completed the 100s. After 10 pm Pacific time, BTC will start moving up. It may even be anytime soon. The reason for up and down trends is because of rate changes per hour and are in the 90s.
All looks good, Please do not be in a hurry to be a millionaire.
Different rhythm after 5PM PACIFIC TIME