The One Coin to rule them all - Chapter I, Episode 2

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After a brief but violent encounter with a cryptobear, Bit, the valorous honey badger finally found his way out of the forest.

He is now a the foot of the Hoping Hills, land of bulls. While the bears have shown nothing but aggressiveness towards our hero, the bulls have shown sympathy for our furry hero. Here is the thing about bulls, MOST (but not all) bulls are optimists, like A LOT, and they love to express their enthusiasm to whomever wants to hear, and well, ahem... even whomever doesn't want to hear. Those good lads have a tendency to act impulsively and therefore can become unpredictably reckless. In these parts, we call these hopeless hopers 'Bulltards'. Would he encounter one, Bit would probably be subject to such recklessness.

Let's hope for the best...

The hills are populated with various bull cities. Badger will most likely visit a few in search of the road to his final destination (the moon of course ;))
unless he decides to avoid entirely the hills and go around through the low pass.

Onwards Bit, may the bulls that help you lead you in the right direction

Comment: Dear crypto brothers and sisters, here is a quick update to clarify what these charts are all about. I heard complaints about the lack of technicals actually showing on the chart. Well, I don't feel i'd bring a lot to the table if I was posting yet another chart showing the head and shoulders patterns or trendlines. That's not the goal here, nor it is my intent to predict the market. On the contrary, the intent of this series, and many other of my charts is 1) to give a different perspective to what you usually see in ta 2) to tell a story because ta doesn't have to be dry 3) to expose the possible outcomes instead of trying to predict the market. I don't assume to know where it is going, I just like to see what are the possibilities.
Finally i'd like to say that despite the foundations of these drawings are based on actual technical indicators, they're just no showing. If you're curious, I like to rely on moving averages (50,200 and 314), ichimoku and td.

next update will be about badger!
Comment: The dark forest may have been filled with danger, at least it was providing cover from the elements. As Bit arrived towards near the plateau of Bullklyn hill, heavy clouds were covering the sky and powerful winds started picking up. Soon enough, the windstorm got strong enough to force Badger to stop in his course.

Decided to gather his strength and stay warm, Bit headed downhill until he found a safe place to camp. There, at the crease of two hills, the wind gods have little to discuss. He pulled out his tent and lit a campfire. Finally able to rest for a moment, he took more time to reflect on the battle with the bear, his journey, and his talisman. Was it really a fragment from the moon? What power did it contain?

As time passed, Badger started wondering if that storm would ever slow down. The honey badger knows patience, he'd wait up until 10,500ish if he must. Longer than that, and he'd think about taking a much longer, less desirable detour heading south.

Come on storm... take your leave

Comment: The wind picked up even stronger, and soon enough, the menacing clouds came to meet our hero. Torrential rains were hunting him down. And the green hill turned to mud, and the road became slippery and unclimbable . Disheartened, Badger relunctantly decided to head south in the hope of find another way up. The road was following the edge of the dark forest he so willingly left. "Do I have to go all the way down to the cliffs at 9000??" he thought, "There must be a better option..." Bit looked behind one more time, then up, undecided.
Comment: The storm had now fully caught up, the growling of thunder was deafening. Badger walked down the muddy path, helped by the wind in his back. After dodging a few rocks, he arrived at the 9K crossroad. In front of him was a sharp cliff. He paused for a moment to look at the scenery. From here he was dominating the valley and he could see the forest flowing down into the marshes of anger. He was happy to have avoided taking that path in the forest.

"It's not too late" whispered a voice. Did he just hear that? He looked around... no one in sight. "It may have been the wind", he thought
- Storm Leech: "Yess, I am the wind", whispered the voice
- Bit: "Who are you?" Badger said, still trying to figure out where the voice was coming from
- Storm Leech: "I am the Nobuaki, the storm leech. I came to fulfill my mission."
- Bit: "What do you want from me, Storm leech?"
- Storm Leech: "I want your esssence."

As Nobuaki words were spoken, a lightning bolt stroke with a deafening sound. Our hero felt an intense pain in his back. it seemed like his energy was being drained from him. He fell over the cliff...

All claws out, Bit held onto whatever was at hand. A rock, dirt, a branch! He was saved! at least for now, and with all what was left of his strength he managed to climb back to the edge of the cliff. Nobuyaki was still there, looking intensely with its empty eyes at badger struggling and a grin on his face.

Badger stood up, wounded but not beaten.

- Bit: "Is that all you got leech?" He was fuming. The leech didn't move.

All claws out, Badger charged towards the Storm leech

Comment: Battle at the edge of the Precipice

Bit had a flashback. He remembered that voice. He remembered the pain that came with it. Yes, He had encountered the wraith before, in the darkest hour of his journey, at Mount Gox. He wished he would have all forgotten about his defeat.
But here it was, the ghost of Karpales had come back to haunt him. That leech, Nobuaki, was just another shape that the necromancer's spirit was using to materialize in this world.

Bit was furious, he felt his thirst for revenge running through his blood pumping in his clenching fists. He thrusted forward. One strike, two strikes... passing through the wraith's immaterial shape. Useless, the storm leech was impervious to badger's mighty blows. In return, a lightning shocked badger, throwing him once again down to ground, close to the edge.

Nobuaki extended his aetheral hands. Electric bolts dropped from the clouds into his palms, forming a ball of energy. The wraith was gathering power for a lethal blow.
if the charge reached 10k, it would be powerful enough to throw our brave hero over the cliff.

Badger had to sop him now. Resilient, he stood up, ready to pounce.

Comment: (We have a a lot of convergence towards the 10k area. 50, 200 and 314ma might cross at around that level, as well as meeting the flat Kinjun. Sharp moves in all possible directions to be expected then and right after. Careful out there!)
Comment: The badger pounced... Too late. A bolt of energy jolted from the wraith's palm towards our hero. Bit was left with no choice but to throw himself down on the ground to dodge the deadly flare. From the corner of his eye, he saw Nobuaki about to cast another bolt. Badger quickly turned around and ran to find cover.

Comment: Badger ran to take cover behind a rock nearby, avoiding with great agility the rain of electric bolts. If was safe for now, but with no other cover in sight, at the wraith's mercy. If only he could reach the patch of rocky hills further west , he might be able to loose his opponent there. With no choice at hand, Bit attempted a desperate exit.
Comment: A flare hit the rock where the Badger was hiding. Nobuaki, in a feverish trance, whispered a laughter. Now or never... Bit jumped out of his hideout and ran as fast as he could. Unfortunately not fast enough to avoid the Storm Leech's attack. A bolt jolted straight into te Badger's back, throwing him onto the ground. Bit felt his energy drained. He tried to stand back up but his legs were no stronger than cotton. Was that it? As he was about to collapse, he heard distant rumbling... A strange sound, almost like chanting: "m..n m..n mnn m....n Mnn"
Comment: A cloud of dust appeared from downhill and the ground started shaking. A herd of permabulls!! Permabulls were in a procession to celebrate their idol. Their chant was getting clearer: "mnn mo..n Monn moon MoOon MooOOon MOOOOoN". Spooked out, Nobuaki backed to avoid the crazed crowd. What an opportunity! The weakened Badger blended with the herd, disappearing in the fog of dust and hoping he wouldn't get trampled on.
Comment: Hello dear friends, apologies for the lack of updates lately. A lot is happening and wish i had more time to focus on the good stuff, which is contributing here. Besides, I've been dedicating the little available extra time to Bitcoin's comic book. Sadly, TV doesn't let me embed pictures, but i post updates of the comic on my twitter if you're interested.

Anyway, I promise you an official update sometimes tonight or tomorrow! cheers
Comment: Dear hodlers and dumpers, thank you for being so patient. Here is a catch up update.

Bit couldn't believe his luck. The bullish pilgrims were so in trance they didn't even notice the badger tagging along. As the little group progressed, other members joined the march. After a short walk east, the group came to a stop. Another herd of bulls, much bigger was standing in front of what appeared to be a podium. On the podium, three sinister figures in priest robes were addressing the congregation. Bit couldn't say what specie they were. Not men, not lizards or fishes or birds, somewhere in between, none and all. Each of their hats was bearing a symbol: ¥,€,$. All around Bit, the bulls were cheering at the YES men, chanting and moaning a repetitive "MoooOooOnn".

The head priest raised his hands to silence the crowd:

- Priest: "Friends, Adorers of the Moon, we are here today to fulfill our destiny. Each one of you will soon be rewarded for your fervor and dedication to our cause. Each one of you will have a chance to receive the ultimate gift: A piece of the moon!"

- Crowd: "Moon MoOOOOoOn MooooOoOon!"

- Priest: "Remember, the higher your offerings to the ¥€$ gods, the higher your chances are. The safest place your wealth and belongings can be is in the hands of ¥€$. The moon will be return a hundred times more. Here, drop your offerings to those baskets and pray for your chances to earn your ticket... TO THE MOON!"

- Crowd in a frenzy: "MOOON MMMMOOOOOOOoOOooOoOoN!!!"

Bit couldn't believe his ears. Could it be a shortcut to his destination? Does he already have the ticket to the moon dangling around his neck? He raised his talisman up in the air and shouted:

- Bit: "(cough cough) I have a fragment of the moon. Can you show me the way?"

All eyes turned to the badger. For the first time, the bulls around Bit noticed his presence. The crowd mumbled:
- "A Moon fragment?"
- "Looks Glorious!"
- "Let me see it"
- "Wait, saw it first"

The priest stood there with his mouth open but no words coming out of it. After a moment, he pointed a long finger towards the badger and shouted:
- Priest: "IT'S A FRAUD! SEIZE HIM!"

Bit promptly returned his coin around his neck, turned around and starting running downhill. Without hesitation, the herd followed...


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