October 14 BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for October 13 th.

This is the move after the final finish on October 13th.

It was a long position one-way strategy.
I was lucky yesterday too.

Light blue finger $54573 long position entry section
We reached the target of $57195 tracking stop loss that we indicated.
$3269.5 Profit.

Unfortunately, it lacked a bit of power at the top.
But , There is still an uptrend

The spot exchange was a strategy for simultaneous operation of major altcoins.

Both were successful, right?


30 minute chart long position strategy

I calculated it carefully and proceeded as far as I could feel.

It is a one-way strategy for vertical ascent.

Change the position of the red parallel line according to the strategy

Bottom price / Top price has been partially modified

If the final green support line/light blue finger section is broken, the trading strategy will fail.

*red arrow moving route

long position strategy

It is possible to operate a short position briefly when the upper tail rebounds from $60884.5.
I wouldn't recommend it for beginners

*59517.5 USD long position entry price / Stop loss price when the purple support line is broken

(For those who understand the chart, it is very difficult to get a long position in this position.
I may have missed it, so I proceeded aggressively)

*The final long position target is the top price of $62678.

It is recommended to use the Trailing stop function.

If this section is reached, it is assumed that this week has reached the peak of Bitcoin .
I think you can take it to circulation pumping in the order of major alt -> minor alt.

When adjustments are made from the current position

Light blue finger movement path $56612 / Stop loss when the green support line is broken
Please note that the target is likely to be near the blue and blue resistance line.

And, I'll give you a little notice.

As you all know, I do analysis and channel operation by myself.
in progress

The final comments I leave every day are summarized in one page for easy viewing.
Because it has to be calculated one by one
It takes longer than expected. It takes at most 2 hours.

The time allotted to me is 24 hours a day,
There is only one body, so there is not enough time to sleep.

I don't think I'll be able to proceed with the final finish from today.
Please note that even if the process is carried out, it will be conducted in an abbreviated form and privately.

When the work is sorted out, I will proceed to the public again.

Please forgive me

Don't forget to buy in principle / stop loss is essential

Thanks for reading

Trade closed: stop reached:

*OKEX 오켁스 현물+선물 평생 30%할인

*비트겟 Bitget 50%할인 최대+$580쿠폰

*바이비트 Bybit / 20%할인+$100쿠폰

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