Crypto Exchange Arb Isn't Dead

As primarily an equity and equity derivatives trader, I haven't spent much time looking at crypto since I had a lucky buy of ETHUSD at ~$7 that launched my trading career. Back in the golden era of crypto one of the most popular types of trading was exchange arb, and this morning when I was looking into normal start arb trades, I stumbled across the fact that the classic crpyto exchange arb trade isn't really dead despite the well publicized nature of it's demise. Just judging visually from the chart, a well run + funded exchange arb operation could easily clear a huge % return even with margin and taker fees taken into account. There might be something I'm missing like volume constraints, but I still think this stands to be a super powerful trading strategy if you want to go through the trouble of hiring some programmers to capitalize on this. Worth looking into if you have more than 1mm sitting around.