UFO revelations could rock the world's financial markets.

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This is under the category of 'Beyond Technical Analysis'. It is about systematic risk i.e. something previously unrecognised that causes major upset in markets. What's *UFOs* got to do with this? Just about everything.

Your world has been built on a sense of security that we are alone in the universe. People's religious beliefs, their sense of who is in power and so on has depended on that for the last few hundred years.

Now as World *UFO* day - 2nd July 2018 - approaches there is emerging evidence that *UFOs* are real. I do not say that everybody will suddenly change their belief systems overnight. What a lot of people do is, avoid or ignore hard evidence - especially the kind that causes them anxiety. But some people in a minority are different - they are swayed by evidence.

What does it mean if *UFOs* are real - and no longer a joke. For starters it means that there is a power greater than governments and financial institutions. That is then likely to cause fear and uncertainty in the minds of some. What if the *UFO* people decide to take control - for example - is a thought that will cross the minds of some.

Read around and see how secret files due to be released from the National Archives were withheld.

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