Bitcoin | The Target Is No Longer $46K, We Now Aim At $73000+

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin hits its higher price ever again today... It continues to happen.

Seeing that we are having lots of "political trouble" within the USA and the fact that Bitcoin is now considered a safe haven for fiat currency printing, we would like to update our final target for this "small" rally and go beyond $46000...

We are now aiming at $73200 and beyond since the new administration will only increase fiat printing by 10X... With this small detail in mind, we know that Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency will continue to succeed and increase.

Recently, we published the BTC .D chart, and in my latest bullish BTCUSD article, I mentioned that "Bitcoin can grow together with the Altcoins", and this is exactly what we are seeing now.

The RSI hit its highest level since December 2013... Talk about CHANGE.

I am still not sensing any FOMO.
This doesn't look "uncontrolled", instead, it feels like prices can continue moving UP for LONG...

What's your take?

This is Alan Masters...

Thanks a lot for your amazing and continued support. 😁

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wow, Im waiting for the retrace - bet Im not alone. Bet more you are right though Alan... annoying! Thanks though, I am learning to trust your forecasts.
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This is a wish list drawing without any solid indicators. I believe this is the best time to exit. The bullish trend is declining.
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what do you think about this massive 9k price drop? is it correction for more gain?