How to interpret the results of my Dollar Cost Average indicator

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This post has 2 purposes.
1) Showing you with the video below how to use my indicator
2) Collect your likes and move up in the Pine scripters ranking (no shame)

Let's start with the first goal here

Here's a quick reminder of what's the Dollar Cost Average investment/trading method
Dollar-Cost Averaging is a strategy that allows an investor to buy the same dollar amount of an investment on regular intervals. The purchases occur regardless of the asset's price.

My Dollar Cost Average (DCA) indicator will analyse for the defined date range, how the DCA method would have performed vs investing all the hard earnt money at the beginning

If you missed the video above, here's the link again Dollar-Cost-Average-Data-Window-Edition/ (Yes people ask me info that are on the description, screenshots, videos so please don't take it personally if I repeat myself a bit, trying to get my inbox empty by the end of day and receiving loads of questions already answered won't help :p)

The DCA performance versus Your trading performance

Full disclosure here before going further ..... it's not because a DCA methodology worked in the past that it's guaranteed to work in the future. Otherwise, trading will be too easy and we''ll be all multi-millionaires
But as we say often that the "trend is your friend", dollar cost averaging on a bullish market in a daily/weekly/timeframe is often (but not always) a way to make a decent amount of money
To be honest, most of my friends who dollar cost average are making much more than many of my traders friends who're staying hours per day in front of the chart. They take less trades but they're consistent with their method.
DCA allows to reduce the stress of trading, the stress of chosing the right moment, the right news and the right crypto animal twitter accounts to follow. A day trader, is more likely to commit mistakes in my opinion.
This is certainly not because you take more trades that you'll have a better performance and I hope my tool will highlight it for you.
Taking more trades increase the risk of losing as each trade is an opportunity but also a risk and the higher the number of trades, the higher the risk is of losing your previous gains

This educational post is not an invitation to DCA blindly and abandon your trading not all. Because if you do, I'll be unemployed... but a great way to introspect and think and ask yourself the good questions :
- Am I outperforming a DCA method ?
- If my personal performance is negative or way below the DCA, should I reallocate part of my trading capital into a DCA-oriented methodoogy ?

The DCA humbled me a lot on assets that I was so sure to have a killer performance with my trading. It has been and still is a great trading lesson that I'm sharing with you today

See you tomorrow for the strategy version of that indicator which will help you compare side to side your own strategy vs a DCA

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