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It looks like we are heading into a time correction that could take a while but a try to trade this breakout could bring good results if the market takes a direction.

We need a candle with momentum. Please keep your stop close by

Good luck
Comment: Ok guys...
I hope you've had enough pips
You are now in the target zone which extends to 715
So if you see weakness, get out

Also, where are the likes??
Comment: This chart is a very good example of a few things:
1. Following the market. I had a bias of shorting but I had no signal from the market so I did what the market told me to do instead of what I thought I should do
2. KS25 is a great setup
3. Once you leave the triangle, if it is a BO, your stop should be fine just under the take off candle

Great stuff
Comment: Remember..
get out IF you see signs of weakness
If not, stay in as long as you can even if you pass the 715 mark
Good luck
Comment: ok

we hit the final target of 715 .. even more
so now every man/woman for himself / herself
good luck
Trade closed: target reached: amazing trade