Expanding on my Parabola approach

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Since the beginning of time The Universe has been expanding at a Parabolic rate.
Everything within The Universe is either in a State of Expansion or Decline, both of which are Parabolic in nature.
Parabolas can be applied to anything that changes: Rate of expansion or decline, population (the higher it is the greater the growth and of course visa versa), technology growth (something to do with Moore's Law I believe) and of course Prices, and here we are talking Bitcoin .
Bitcoin is not just a digital currency, it is also a measurement of the rate of change (see above) of Technology, part of which is Blockchain Technology which is being taken up and utilised all over the globe for many purposes with the financial sector being heavily involved.
Countries, Banks, Payment Systems, you catch my drift... are all examining and taking up Blockchain Technology, some of this massive rate of change and adoption is Bitcoin!
Note that a parabola is best fit to the data and then therefore maybe a little skewed. Hey nothing runs smoothly in life all of the time!
The more 'perfect' the parabola (less skewing) the greater the accuracy of the trend.
Be warned, when parabolas cross (see chart) they give a strong and almost undeniable end of this parabola's phase and the beginning of the next one. At this point the rate of change in the opposite direction is rapid.
The next parabola cross is in August (15th on chart) 2021 which will have a Bitcoin price of just over $52,000. After this I would expect a rapid correction as the next parabolic phase starts and then, in time to come... :)
The question of course is: What event(s) will occur that causes the rapid rate of change in August (chart predicted) 2021?
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and then come back here and hit the play button. See the where the price is in relation to the parabola?

This is a very strong signal that BTC is about to turn North Rapidly!


Bloody hell. Never heard someone debate the philosophy of the universe as fundamental analysis for "BTCUSD - Long"

lol could you try and apply the same to EURUSD, please?
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Paul_Erasmus quantumwoooo
@quantumwoooo, (with Tongue in Cheek ;) ) and using the philosophical approach above, the globe is going digital, FIATs will become a 'thing of the past'. So using this proviso EURUSD will die. The question is which one will die first, USD or EUR? I think USD will become digital before EUR :-)