BITCOIN in the diary will be able to reach that level!? Will be?

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Technical analysis regarding the price of BITCOIN in relation of dollar Tether for the next scenarios, based on daily movement.

BITCOIN's price is moving in a strong upward trend, forming ascending tops/funds, respecting this LTA ~yellow upward trend line~ and, it is consolidated in these last days, close to this very interesting region of resistance that, by the way, is holding the price and keeping it in the $ 56~58K range.
I believe that by breaking this region, the price will be able to reach the projected levels there at $ 64~65K, which is projected through Fibonacci.
34-period EMA driving the price and taking a parallel distance from the 89-period EMA .

In the project graph, the levels (green lines) that the price may look for in the next scenarios. (Fibo channels that respect a lot)

*** In accordance with CVM Instruction No. 598, of May 3, 2018, Art. 21, I declare that the recommendations of this analysis reflect solely and exclusively my personal opinions and perceptions and that they were prepared independently and autonomously. Not being considered a purchase and/or sale recommendation. ***

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