BITCOIN making your corrections! Can we go up again!?

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Technical analysis regarding the price of BITCOIN in relation of dollar Tether for the next scenarios, based on daily movement.

The price is with rising top / bottom formations as its main/macro trend. It has been gaining strength and is in an organic way, with a notable financial volume . In my perception, the price is correcting and may stop at the location marked on the chart. We also noticed the presence of the Elliott Waves being realized. Next, can we have stronger corrections like A, B and C to end your cycle? Who knows!?

RSI> 50 gaining strength, but falling.
MACD with buying mass driving the price a little.
Exponential Moving Averages in an upward fashion and taking parallel spacing between both, of 34 and 89 periods.

*** In accordance with CVM Instruction No. 598, of May 3, 2018, Art. 21, I declare that the recommendations of this analysis reflect solely and exclusively my personal opinions and perceptions and that they were prepared independently and autonomously. Not being considered a purchase and/or sale recommendation. ***

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