BTC Warning - BTC on a weekly 9 and possible daily 9

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Whats all this 9 business mean ?

On a Tom De mark counter ( TD counter ) A weekly 9 candle is usually associated with a reversal move downwards - however it can also indicate an extremely bullish move upwards if a green 1 rather than a red 1 follows the 9 count .

However looking at BTC's daily candle it shows that the daily candle is on a 7 out of a possible 1 to 9 candles and is also going to hit a possible 9 candle on Thursday April 4th .

Now looking at BTC's 12 hour candle , this 12 hour candle is also on 3 out of 9 count and will hit a possible 9 in 2.5 days
This means the 9 on 12 hour candle
will line up with the possible 9 on the daily candle and also line up with the current 9 on the weekly candle on April 4th.

This is important as if these 3 9s hit on April 4th ( the weekly , daily and 12 hour ), it lets us know a very strong movement is incoming. Hence if , BTC moves downwards this will be an extremely strong move downwards .
Other other hand if BTC moves upwards it will be an extremely strong movement upwards.

if BTC hits 58xx before Thursday April 4th then I suspect this will be a strong reversal movement downwards. ( of course I could be incorrect and nothing happens or BTC moves up. However be alert this Thursday April 4th and this coming weekend for possible large movements upwards or downwards.


Strong agree - CMF is also looking like it will top out at this level too. Smart money about to leave the elevator
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mycotoxin SuperShibe
@SuperShibe, yes good eye .. so is the KVO looks likes there will be a bit more movement upwards but we have to be very alert this week.