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Hello every one , I know all of you plus me, we are in the trouble and unclearly about Bitcoin and crypto market. At some last analysis of my post. I recommend all you buy Bitcoin in 6300 and take profit in 7800 so hope you guys can have small dinner with this! After that, I write another analysis of Bitcoin in one post and compare Bitcoin in 2018 with 2014 in order to get some similar and make your decision. But recently, when we have some information and how news about ETF and make some big blue candle volume in Bitcoin break all resistance and go over 7800 to touch 8500. So now people are keeping hope about the dream of Bitcoin when it going up, opposite with their felling ( scaring Bitcoin down to 4000 or 2000 some thing like that ). But anyway we also need look at the true.

In this post, I not recommend buying or selling for anyone, this is just a analysis depend on Wyckoff method.

So let begin and look at the time we fell off from 17000$ of Bitcoin .

PS—preliminary support, where substantial buying begins to provide pronounced support after a prolonged down-move. Volume increases and price spread widens, signaling that the down-move may be approaching its end.

SC—selling climax, the point at which widening spread and selling pressure usually climaxes and heavy or panicky selling by the public is being absorbed by larger professional interests at or near a bottom. Often price will close well off the low in a SC , reflecting the buying by these large interests.

AR—automatic rally, which occurs because intense selling pressure has greatly diminished. A wave of buying easily pushes prices up; this is further fueled by short covering. The high of this rally will help define the upper boundary of an accumulation TR .

ST—secondary test, in which price revisits the area of the SC to test the supply/demand balance at these levels. If a bottom is to be confirmed, volume and price spread should be significantly diminished as the market approaches support in the area of the SC . It is common to have multiple STs after a SC .

Spring-lowest point for trick people that we are broke support zone and we lose money in here!

Test—Large operators always test the market for supply throughout a TR (e.g., STs and springs) and at key points during a price advance. If considerable supply emerges on a test, the market is often not ready to be marked up. A spring is often followed by one or more tests; a successful test (indicating that further price increases will follow) typically makes a higher low on lesser volume .

LPS—last point of support, the low point of a reaction or pullback after a SOS. Backing up to an LPS means a pullback to support that was formerly resistance, on diminished spread and volume . On some charts, there may be more than one LPS , despite the ostensibly singular precision of this term.

BU/LPS-The accumulation zone of buyer and seller and we test the strong resistance like a support zone before going up.

SOS—sign of strength, a price advance on increasing spread and relatively higher volume . Often a SOS takes place after a spring, validating the analyst’s interpretation of that prior action.

OK, so this is my analysis and the chart in above just for your reference and you need to make your decision not I am.

Thanks for reading !!!

Comment: Bitcoin are dropping like the chart and follow Wyckoff method , hope its true for this time.
Comment: Hi guys, I put a little time to reveal over some TOP post in another TOP publisher. All of them has similar idea about Bitcoin right now. I dont know who you are but if you follow my post several days ago so you may the first people short BTC and know what should it dropping point earlier than any publisher. Congrate!

Bitcoin are continue droppping and I want you to keep eyes in 73xx, if it break this major support so surely Bitcoin need to test 67xx again like the chart!
Comment: Hi everyone, thanks you for many inbox for me about this post. Bitcoin are going like this chart and now I make another analysis about Bitcoin in short - term to make clearly and for who need this:
Comment: Hi all, come back to this chart, we are going to the target guys. Congratulate!!!
Comment: Hi all guys, at this time we can say we are nearly with the target, to prepare for the next time maybe I will give you 2 path that Bitcoin can follow and you can make decision by your self.

In the lsat post, I compare Bitcoin in 2018 with late 2013 - early 2014 and get similar point. This chart is here:

You can see in the last past I analysis we have 1 point before dropping and the target I make in this post:

And now we have 2 path:
If Bitcoin go follow 2014 so this time we may drop strong to 3xxx - 4xxx but if Bitcoin go follow Wyckoff so Bitcoin is on the last dump in long term.

So how can we find Bitcoin is going on what way?

Simply, we need to wait Bitcoin action in the support zone of Wyckoff ( 6500 - 6900 ), if it break down this support so hello to the hell of 3xxx - 4xxx like 2014. In contrast if Bitcoin has bounce back from here with good blue volume and all indicator is good so this time is last dump and welcome to new uptrend cycle!

Anyway, thanks all you for following me and 3 chart above of me have been staying in TOP a long time so depend on them and make your decision!

Comment: This is my newest post bout Bitcoin for short - term so read this!!!
Comment: Say" congrate to everybody" you can look at the chart, some people told me that we are in LPS but I said "no, we are in TEST of WYCKOFF", if nothing unexpected so we will bounce back from here.

At this time guys, as I said, this is importance zone, if bounce from this zone so we will have Wyckoff in 2018-2019. But if it break down this support zone so Bitcoin will go like it did in 2013-2014!

So smart when entry!
Comment: So the work you need to do is "tag your friend below this post for them to know what we are going in this 2018 and next 2019"

I surely updating for all you Guys what we are fucking doing (up by Wyckoff or go the the hell with similar chart in 2014)
Comment: All the chart above are nearly exactly 80-90%, anything is more interesting? Good luck!
Comment: Bitcoin has slightly broke 6500 zone, I will care this zone 6400 - 6500 before publish new post for all!
Comment: Over 20000 VIEWS and a nearly 3xx LIKES, thanks for all GUYS!
Comment: Hi guys, I am very happy that today I have chance standing in TOP 1 trader. So that I will pick some chart of all guys comment to analysis so that if who need me to analysis anything, please comment below this post.
Comment: Hi guys, there are something not going like we expected but dont worry. The important thing not Bitcoin going up can bring happies for us, that is what we will do if you know how the market action?

In above, when I talk with all you guys that 65xx is very importance zone will decide what we are going this year or maybe in early next year. I give you 2 chart are: Comparing Bitcoin with 2014 and Wyckoff Method. Both of them are true until we are stand in 65xx. But Bitcoin bounce from this zone or break down will show us what exactly Bitcoin following which chart?

I think you can guess, right?

Sadly to talk, Bitcoin has break down 65xx and I wait the action in here in 1 days and hope this is fake for accumulate before pumping but not. Many bad indicator show we will see Bitcoin like 2014. So at this time to next future what we should do?
It is depend on you! If you see Bitcoin like 2014 is same now what will you do?

Good luck for all and I will update the short time frame of Bitcoin soon!
Comment: Repeat again, here is the scenario for Bitcoin for 2018 if comparing 2014:
Comment: The downtrend may WIN this time, all you guys look the newest analysis:
Comment: Get this chart guys:
Comment: Crypto market update 2018-2019:

Comment: BITCOIN 4H UPDATE 30/9/2018
Comment: LITE COIN CYCLE (LTC/USD) - xuanhaimmoer




Comment: BITCOIN & GOLD & USOIL & S&P500 & DOLLAR INDEX - Comparing
Comment: Update Bitcoin 4H


You make one idea?
Then it failed? then you mkae 20 other ideas? and all of them keep failing?......

Please close this post already. Take 1-2 days off and then relook the charts.
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Sharky8899. Sharky8899.
@Sharky8899., Bro how many times you gonna change Your idea? stop already.
TheDudeForex Sharky8899.
@Sharky8899., well as long as you keep creating new possible bottoms, one day it is possibly gonna work out ;)
+1 Reply
Sharky8899. TheDudeForex
You mean my last trade? Go and look at the bottom in aug 13, my 3rd idea, you will
be embaraced to talk after hitting the play button, and you can dream of making those calls,
those calls need high semen indivudals, you guys come in when i sell. Sheep detected.
TheDudeForex Sharky8899.
@Sharky8899., I never looked at any of your trades. We're talking about this user creating new charts with a bullish outcome.
Ik don't know why you see my comment as a reason to be offensive
Hi.. Is the Wyckoff chart still valid ? since it has broken the support.
+5 Reply
Xzhi tradingmagicbox
@tradingmagicbox, I'm guessing if we can have a higher low it may still be in effect
Xzhi Xzhi
I would also like to know.
ThumbSkin tradingmagicbox
@tradingmagicbox, I cant imagine it is
Great idea, but you have too many views. Certain people will make sure you fail
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