The spam box. Crypto is dying Part 2.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hey hey hey! Whatsawhatsa up Bitcoiiinnnn!
Hey Hey everybody my name is Bitcoin early adopter and let me tell you guys that I am so excited, I am so happy,
I am really so thrilled to be right now sharing this amazing glorious opportunity with you right now.
This is a revolution the world in not as we know it anymore no no no! This is a revolution that will change the world.

People fell for it again...

I don't want to make fun of the bulls, but they get on my nerves.

So we fell below the trendline Bitcoin was above since march 2017 and it's dropping hard, sooo fast. RIP.
I'll look at RSI and support to find a profit target. And there's a chance we bounce hard on that linear trendline .

On the log chart there's not much holding BTC till very low...
The bulls really want to keep that log trendline but it's getting too hard now.

There's many bear flags, they all point to about the same targets.
Here's another:

I think it's possible we get a day like the dark day in january let's see...

+++ I am not a financial advisor (good luck finding one in crypto). I only post for trollertainment. Trade at your own risk +++
Mar 14
Comment: So when are the bull traders posting this? XD
"The trendline will hold. Bitcoin hidden strength why you should buy"
Mar 14
Comment: Testing the low of the falling wedge.
Bulls can't find any Hopium they need a fix anything would do.
Mar 14
Comment: What I see happening next (speculation I don't really know nor care)
Mar 14
Comment: Sentiment change on social media in the past 24 HR: -100%
Mar 14
Comment: For the lazy, how to use Daryl Guppy tactic to make ez moniz:
Mar 14
Comment: Just a thought...
Mar 14
Comment: Going down like crazy. Doing nothing for now, short position can wait a little longer.
Mar 14
Mar 14
Comment: RIP crypto. Daily candle closed below trendline. Bull market over confirmed.
More than "just a bump on the road", would love to see bulls try to shill BTC now.
Bear doesn't have to last long thought... We could go up during April-May, the reach a bottom in summer.
God himself would have to intervene to make BTC go up now...
The odds are very very much in favor of going down.

I draw terribly, but this is interesting to watch:

Someone posted this in chat more or less what I wxanted to type so I'll just quote him @goldenmule:
"btc by design involves miners cashing out and requires a certain level of consistent new money coming in. Banks cut off crypto, facebook banning ads, google banning ads, smart money not going to buy into a popping bubble, HODLers selling old BTC, its all pointing the same direction"
Mar 14
Somewhere between complacency and denial I guess.
Trying to argue with the bulls like talking to a wall. RIP.
Mar 14
Comment: ~7600 still a target, bleeding probably slows down there.
I'll be looking at 6900-7000 I'll ignore 7600.
If 4HR Rsi is oversold enough we could get a nice bounce.
Or if BTC reverses up before going down there by some miracle...
Hopefully at 7k we get some kind of flag or something that gives an indication to the next move: I want to know approximately where to close long and reopen short.
Mar 15
Comment: Bounced 8% on 7665, the RSI was too low on all timeframes 4HR and below, now it recovered we could be getting ready for the next dump, a likely target is 6900.
Mar 15
Comment: A possibility
Mar 15
Comment: Little Bitcoin would really really like to get back to the line he's been on in 2017, it's warm and comfortable here, alot of people want to buy you, alot of people living in their pijama's thinking they'll become millionaires doing nothing because they saw a couple people get lucky want to buy you, and these people fight for you they'll rush to get some of you and think later.
But little Bitcoin sees the line get away further and further and he feels weak and small oooh poor little Bitcoin, he knows if he falls there is nothing holding him and he will hurt himself very much. Down there there's mean crocodiles sharks and killer whales, oh no Bitcoin heard killer whales liked to torture their victims, Bitcoin doesn't want to be ripped to pieces.
Who can save poor little Bitcoin? His friends he calls the "bagholders" try their best to convince everyone Bitcoin is going to be able to go back up, but Bitcoin is really going to need lots and lots of help and he is starting to realise he won't get it.
Mar 15
Comment: We sure see the same numbers alot...
19.9 -> 10.7 (-47% ; new price = 53% of top)
10.7 -> 17.2 (+60%)
17.2 -> 9.2 (-47% ; new price = 53% of top)
9.2 -> 13 (+41%)
13 -> 6 (-53% ; new price = 47% of top)
6 -> 11.8 (+96%) (Daily RSI got oversold & price got pumped & we closed above linear downtrend)
11.8 -> ??? (-53% = 5550 -60% = 4700)
Mar 15
Comment: 2 scenarios:
Bitcoin flashes up soon then continues on its way down.
Bitcoin goes down soon.
It's all ready for the next move.
Mar 15
Comment: Bitcoin looking healthy. It's showing hidden signs of strength. Very very very well hidden, almost invisible.
Mar 15
Comment: If we went up to the pink line then down to the green zone everything would fit perfeclty.
Mar 15
Comment: Bitcoin was at 800$ 1 year ago and people seem surprised of the sell off "wtf why isn't it going up anymore?".

Francis Hunt "The Crypto Sniper" applying his hunt volatility funnel to crypto:
Mar 15
Comment: My pretty drawing
Mar 15
Comment: If BTC doesn't go lower it will be the first time in the history of the human race a bubble stays that high and keeps going.

And if we don't keep going down tomorrow it will be the first dump since 20k that starts so early.

I'll place my bets on the side of what happens 100% of the time.

Mar 15
Comment: Scientists found the reason why lots of youtube twitter and TV "analysts" are still bullish and some are expecting BTC to go from bear market to "explode to the moon" instantly:

I hope BTC doesn't consolidate too long I want some action I want to smell people fear.
Mar 15
Comment: The indicators point to sell the most they had ever lol. Or pretty close. RIP.
Hoping for a nice red bloodbath tomorrow.

I want to see some fear out there, just like this guy:
Mar 15
Comment: Bitcoin rise in price and the OBV(ious) indicator don't agree.
Time to go down soon.
Looking at this indicator is literally cheating, am I allowed to?
Mar 15
Comment: Still trading in a range. We had a breakout attempt, hasn't had follow up, the buyers pressure just keeps getting weaker as the on balance volume indicator indicates (and plain volume too of course :p). Won't be surprise we go down violently at any time, but my prefered time is dump o'clock that time (twice a day) a whale dumps his btc on the public. I don't even remember exactly I think we have a window in an hour or 2.
Mar 15
Comment: I guess it's like when we closed above the linear downtrend, we had 1 day of hesitation, then some bullish action till 11788.
We closed below 2017 uptrend yesterday, but no bear move yet.
Tomorrow then...
In 3-4 hours we get the dump that happens every 12 hours too.
Mar 15
Comment: Had orders to short more at the top of the rising wedge.
Guess they won't happen...
Probably stops somewhere in 6600-7300. I'll look at 4HR RSI and smaller timeframes.
Also keeping an eye on this line:
I will close my short overcut maybe at 7.2 and progressively go long. Hope I can finally close that trade where I paid 500$ funding on Bitmex to help losers pay me... Going short on Bitmex is really bad the Bitcoin you hold there loses value when you pay funding you pay a ton of it... really guts your profit...
Mar 15
Comment: Isn't that convenient?
Mar 16
Comment: Taking an eternity. In in 4HR inside bar in a 8HR inside bar.
All contained, slowed, just making sure winning position keep paying more and more funding to losing positions that are long on Bitmex. If we were to stay there 1 more weeks longs would probably end up losing money and longs making money...Ridiculous.
Mar 16
Comment: Broke bullish. Let's see how far it gets pumped.
Shorting a bit more as we go up.
Mar 16
Comment: Not sure how many days we have to waste testing that thing so I can pay more funding to losers... Bitmex is NOT the place to go short.
Me might form a rising wedge.

Maybe we get a pump like on the 12 March where the price got pumped up to 9900.
Mar 16
Comment: Dump O'clock started. Let's see what he does today.
Mar 16
Comment: Something like this:...

Lol MacAfee "It's mathematically impossible Bitcoin goes down"
Mar 16
Comment: Good luck to longs.
Mar 16
Comment: This is a possibility:
If we get to 8750 I dump on the bulls which will joyfully buy and hold bags.
They're always euphoric and excited "hurray the slaughterhouse lambo's ^^^"

RSI 1HR getting overbought too.
Mar 16
Comment: Time for some pointless speculation.
Mar 16
Comment: Zzzzz. Don't think we can go above 8800-9000.
Mar 16
Comment: Still on an uptrend as long as we get higher los higher highs.
Looking very much like a rising wedge, and it running into a hard resistance.
Mar 17
Comment: Why does it look like BTC is hanging for its life to the lower line?

From Excavo:
Mar 17
Comment: Why am I seeing double here?
Mar 17
Comment: We lost the higher low.
Same as last time:

Except last time, a few days ago, a whale pumped the price before it goes below the low of previous dump at 8342 and everyone was excited and bought up to 9900$ where it got dump (to 7666 :p).
Are people stupid enough to fall for it again if it happens this time?
They got crushed pretty hard last time, teaches them to mock me when I tell them it's a fake. Who's the fool now?
Mar 17
Comment: Watch out for the bullish divergence.
Mar 17
Comment: We had bullish divergence last time we went down too.
Have to try not missing the bounce :)
Mar 17
Comment: I don't know about the big falling wedge when zooming out, but on the 15 min chart, we have confirmed a falling wedge, its boundaries have been touched several times (more than 2), so it is confirmed.
Mar 17
Comment: Are we going to go to the circle? What's going to happen once we get in the circle?
Mar 17
Comment: Alternatively:
Mar 17
Comment: Technicals looking as red as they get on the daily:
Oscillators and Moving Averages telling us SELL SELL SELL.

I can't decide where we'll end so I'll just overcut it.
Stupid Bitmex forcing me to hold Bitcoin so I can't really cash out (I could by shorting BTC with 0 leverage if I'm correct, I suppose).

We'll just have to see when we get dere. If we approach 7200 with 4hr rsi oversold af we sure bounce > 5 %. Maybe we break the top of the falling wedge and go to the mooooon!
Mar 17
Comment: Waiting for a break under 7666 so I can start rubbing my hands.
I want to see fear out there, panic and despair.
Mar 17
Comment: The previous low got lost. Finish them! Leave no one alive!
Mar 17
Comment: Is it even going to stay in the channel?
Bullish divergence again...
Mar 18
Comment: Still waiting. Hope we get to the bottom by this evening or tomorrow morning.
Went to check who was the most popular Crypto youtuber. Was not disapointed.
Number 1 with most followers and views: Trevon James.
The more bad they are, the more people are interested. cringy af.
On day 8, god created the plebs. And he said "your purpose will be to lose money to my chosen ones" And so, the plebs, no matter what, will always look for the way to lose and make god's champs win.
Mar 18
Comment: Will it stay above line 1? Or go to line 2?
Which falling wedge are we getting?
Mar 18
Comment: Closing my short at 7205. Hope we get there...
Violent moves up and down...
Mar 18
Trade closed manually: Started sending Bitcoin to Kraken to cash out in USD.
If we flash crash now, I am just legendary unlucky and there's nothing I can do.
Mar 18
Trade active: Going long now. If we go down I'll long more. I'll just keep buying.
I really hate shitmex now, apparently I have to wait till 13:00 UTC to withdraw?
I only withdrew half for now, I'm afraid something goes wrong.
Stuck with Bitcoin for a day...Not like it can just keep going down anyway.

Shitmex, a site for experienced traders, or idiot neckbeard hodlers that lucked out a few months ago?
Mar 18
Comment: Time to go long...

Plebs were calling me an idiot for opening shorts at 9500, and now people are saying we should sell at the bottom...
Mar 18
Comment: The lowest it can go would be 6900 in the next few days. Can almost NOT go below that without bounding >10% at the very least first.
Mar 18
Comment: Can easilly do this:
Mar 18
Order cancelled: Looks like crap. Took a small profit.
Going to buy at 6900-7200 if we get there, otherwise too bad.
I'm holding Bitcoin because I wanted to use Bitmex, so I guess I'm long...
I think I could short with 0 leverage to hold usd contracts instead, but I'd probably pay a ton of fees.
Just have to wait tomorrow to withdraw and go in usd...
Bitmex is for hodlers not traders imo. idk...

Let's see where we go in the falling wedge, break above? go to lower line and bounce?
Either way I win, only way I lose is if we go crashing down to 5000 overnight, that ain't happening.
Mar 18
Comment: Overbought on the 15 min.
If we go above the falling wedge at ~8000$ the tech. target would be 9000-9500.
Ok this thing just need to not crash for 36 more hours so I can cash out.
Sending half tomorrow 1pm UTC and rest the day after that.
Trapped till then. Kraken isn't that bad after all for people that don't use stop losses.
Mar 18
Comment: Wtf is this pump???...
I have a guardian angel? Just super super lucky? Or super good?
Mar 18
Comment: We're still far away from the upper line.
I really don't want this to all come crashing down before I can cash out...
Mar 18
Comment: Broke bullish... Jesus Mohammet Buddha, what's going on?
I'm just glad I'm holding Bitcoins.
Target of a falling wedge is breakout point + size of base (1400-1500$) so that gives a technical target of 9500$. We're pretty overbought thought. RSI needs to lower.
Is this a pump or? Is this the birth of a new asset? XD

The bulls have 2 weeks to survive then the grass should be green for them for 2 months. In spring people are ALWAYS optimist. Even during the 2014 crash we went up during spring:

And once I start sending my money to Kraken to cash out I'll finally be able to set a stop loss :D
Mar 18
Comment: Comparing the february triangle to the march one

We can still be heading for 6000 (or 5000), but go visit 9000$+ first :)
Then crash, then go up april-may...
Mar 19
Comment: "BTC cannot crash market cycle doesn't apply here because it's an unprecedented revolution".
Cringy af.

Watch out for the heavy resistances at 9-10k.
I think I'll sit in cash soon don't want to take shittrades I'll only enter short near hard resistance with 80 rsi or long near support with 20 rsi.
BTC is probably going to start acting bipolar soon so no point bothering.
Mar 19
Comment: Closing my long at 9000. Not sure if I'll short there, or only start shorting if BTC gets close to 9500 otherwise miss it.
Long if it goes above downtrend.
I don't want to risk too much if the next days I feel it could get pretty random...
Mar 19
Comment: Actually no. I'll stop listening to other people.
I'll stay long on Bitcoin with a trailing stop loss as long as it doesn't violently reverse.
And this is why:

It has been my idea all along so I'll kee sticking to it:

It's not MtGox, we're not in 2014, we're witnessing the birth of a new asset, so I won't be surprised if we never go sub 6000$
We'll see...I'm long since 7400 so I can afford to wait and see.
Mar 19
Comment: Dropping 95% would put Bitcoin at 1000$ :>
But it doesn't have to be right now...Let people be optimistic in spring and go long...
I'll just use a stop loss close to the 2 heavy resistances I posted, if we reject them violently I'm out at 15% profit or more, if we somehow break about UNLIMITED PROOOFIT. If we reject I maybe go short, and I'll get ready to long bounces on 6000 5000$.
Mar 19
Comment: Rsi already so high...

So it can't go much up, normally .... It's also below the support/now resistance.
If it breaks that, easy road to 9500/MA50. If it breaks that, easy road to 10k/log downtrend. If it breaks that, easy road to 12k concrete wall. If it breaks that... etc. If it rejects any of the first few resistances, easy road to 6k XD

These trades just have to be babysitted and followed step by step.
Mar 19
Comment: This time the move up doesn't look that artificial, but doesn't mean it can't go down suddenly like last time.
Keep an eye on the heavy resistances.
Mar 19
Comment: Going from a small amount to "I quit my job with no risk" takes a while...
Oh why can't I just leverage *100 my way to infinity....
Mar 19
Comment: Bitcoin misery index, let's be evil and take advantage of people fear and despair :>
Mar 19
Comment: G20 news motivated shitmedia to spam good news for Bitcoin, just like they spammed bad news when SEC said they would regulate hard ICO's:

All this good news can boost this emotional market above 9k
Like puppets...

Maybe we go form a falling wedge lets see
Mar 19
Comment: Whaaat if...?

Ggggggamble time! I'm in since 7400 idgaf I'm gambling it. To the moon!
Mar 19
Comment: LET'S DO THIS
Mar 19
Comment: BTC cooling off. Tbh It wouldn't hurt if it takes a few days to go up, so it's at all the heavy resistances when they intersect it would then be an opportunity to open a short on rejection, or go long if we breakthrough. stop loss can then be really tight without wondering about 10 levels in the way.
Mar 19
Comment: It's too calm here I don't like it. Someone go out in the dark woods at midnight check if everything's ok.
We would need a close above 8800-8900 tomorrow to be bullish.
To be bearish idk need to go below 7200 I guess.
No trade zone (except for people in since 7300-8000 like me :D).
We did get out of a falling wedge (or pennant whatever you want to call it) with a target up in the sky, but there's resistances on the way so...
If we get several days of sideways action I won't mind, would make it easier to trade next move.
Mar 19
Comment: Someone that wants to trade could trade the 4HR inside bar, but the problem is its 500$ wide....
Mar 19
Comment: If the uptrend is maintained it will take 24 hours to reach the pink line.

Will Bitcoin maintain the trend up? Will Bitcoin manage to get back above 2017 uptrend? Will Bitcoin get slapped hard?
Find out in the next episode of the spam box!
Mar 20
Comment: Couple of if's
Mar 20
Comment: Damn thing broke bullish! :o
Doesn't mean we go up right now, there's failures very often in these cases.
But BTC has a shot of getting in the short circle of doom in the next week...
I'll post an idea if we get close to it
There's lines every where, stuff every where, but we're here to make money not post pretty picture and call ourselves legends when we're lucky 1/2 times.
Mar 20
Comment: So close to the uptrend... Can BTC go above and stay above?
Mar 20
Comment: Problem is we keep being overbought...
I don't think it's likely we break a meaninful resistance while being so overbought on 5 min to 1HR TF. Maybe 10% probability...or less.
Let it pullback to 8200-8500 or something then it has the power to breakthrough!
Mar 20
Comment: Maybe we keep going up a bit then consolidating for endless hours till we get to the epic unbreakable circle of doom I posted :)
Good luck breaking that bulls.
Mar 20
Comment: That monster black hole circle made of the souls of every living being in the universe... It's the hardest resistance Bitcoin has ever had, and if we are above on the 1rst April, it will be the biggest support Bitcoin has ever had...
Yes, EVER.
Mar 20
Comment: Above... To the moon?
Srs if we get above all these resistances I'll be a big bull.
Mar 20
Comment: If it goes to the log downtrend in the enxt days it will be so overbought, even 4HR RSI will be at 70 or higher at that point, easy short. I'll close longs, go short, close short at 2017 uptrend support, then go long again :DDDDDD
If this happens, ez moniz.
I can't post charts anymore they're all full of spam :(
I was smart when I didn't go for the premium plan on TV, I knew I would have hundred's of charts and lose track, I know myself well, with a limit of 10 this can't happen.
Mar 20
Comment: If we end the month between 6000 and 11788$ we will have a monthly inside bar...
Kind reminder of what happened when the weekly inside bar broke ( below 9280 the exact moment when I went short).

I'll look at the epic support/resistance circle of doom and if I'm long and we are above and form a monthly inside bar then it breaks bullish at that point I'll touch myself looking at charts whole of April would be bullish and may too probably.
Same stuff for the bear scenario.
Mar 20
Comment: Are there many retarded bagholders waiting for 15-20k to break even?
I wonder if BTC can get the momentum to go up there, pullback as idiots are selling to break even (to guys like me) and then after pullback go above ath and to 50k...
It's not 100% necessary we fall to 3k for people to capitulate, lots and lots of idiots would sell in the 15-20k range to break even or take a small loss, and these same people would buy again once it hits 50k or even more.
Mar 20
Comment: Not sure where the trendline is exactly, but it's somewhere around 8900 and it got tested as support, seems it held.
Still nothing too clear, I'm just happy it keeps going up while I'm holding some BTC, I'll only post an idea if we get to 10k+ with overbought RSI or get close to the circle I posted above.
Mar 20
Mar 21
Comment: Why is the price not moving? Bitfinex froze? Other exchanges are moving but barely.
That's it? Crypto isn't volatile anymore?
Mar 21
Comment: Ah ok knew it, it's maintenance time. Quick! We got a break it won't move for another hour! Time to do anything we planned on doing for the past months.
Damn been holding this shit for 3 months. Going to feel good when I dump it!
Mar 21
Comment: They said when Bitcoin goes down Tether will inflate and we'll have too much of it, but finex printed another 300 million...
Mar 21
Comment: I don't see a reason for the support not holding. Held till now :}
What number is that even? I got no idea XD
Like 200 trillion or? more? less?
Ye at some point this line will have to fail.
Or does it have to? :}
Let's all be 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ionaires.
Oh the day will come when every Bitcoiner will be able to buy a country and have an army of slaves doing his every wish.
Mar 21
Comment: K calculated it.
2898 7096 628 2160960.00
2160960.00 = 2 million
628 2160960.00 = 6 billion
7096 628 2160960.00 = 70 thousand billion.
2898 7096 628 2160960.00 = bigger than the galaxy.

Bitcoin gets there easy once aliens from the whole universe start buying, they'll just see how awesome it is.
This is a revolution! To the moon.
I wonder if it would be possible to show that to plebs on television and it would create a FOMO?
Maybe show it up to a million, they're too stupid to figure out it would place it at hundred of billions a few years later and it can't keep going up forever.
Let's make a giant bubble at 100k ooooow yeah!
Mar 21
Comment: Ok so MacAfee said it was mathematically impossible for Bitcoin to be in a bubble, so according to him (he pinky swore! He said he would eat himself if he was wrong) I'll be able to sell one Bitcoin for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$ when I'm old, and buy the galaxy.
To the moon! No better, to the center of the galaxy! I'll go meet god with my Bitcoin money, no scam no bubble trust me I'm an old tech guy.
Mar 21
What does it want to tell us?
Mar 23
Comment: Anyone paying attention could have spotted the bullish divergence before we bounced 5%
Mar 23
Comment: -------------------------------- Birth of social networks --------------------------------

– Ward Christensen and Randy Suess, two computer fans, invented the CBBS system to inform their friends about meetings, make announcements and share information.

– Several students from the University of Illinois developed Mosaic, which was presented as the first browser adapted to the general public.
– Launch of GeoCities, a service that allows users to create their own web pages.

– The Web has one million websites.

– GeoCities surpasses one million users.
– AOL Instant Messenger allows Internet chat.
– Blogging begins.
– Google launches.

– GeoCities goes public.
– Friends Reunited, the first social network to become popular among Internet users, was founded in the UK to find old school mates.
– Yahoo! buys GeoCities for 3.57 billion dollars.
– The Blogger platform launches.
– The dotcom bubble burst and the future of Internet is more uncertain than ever.

– 70 million computers are connected to the Internet.
– Friendster launches. The social network reaches 3 million users in just three months.
– AOL has already reached 34 million users.
– MySpace is launched.

– Google buys the Blogger platform.
– Second Life launches.
– LinkedIn launches social network for professionals.
Mar 23
Comment: 2004:
– Facebook is born. An unknown investor offers Mark Zuckerberg $10 million to buy the famous social network. Facebook founder declines the offer.
– MySpace surpasses Friendster in number of page views.
– Digg launches.
– Bebo – an acronym for blog early, blog often – launches as another social networking site.

– News Corp. buys MySpace for $580 million.
– Viacom offers to buy Facebook for $75 million, but the social network rejects the offer.
– Friends Reunited, which already has 15 million users, is sold to the ITV television network.
– YouTube is launched.
– MySpace is the most popular social network in the U.S..

– Viacom returns with an offer to to buy Facebook for $1.5 billion, but the deal falls through. Yahoo! also made an offer of $1 billion to take over the social network, but Facebook declined.
– Google generates about 400 million searches every day.
– Twitter is born.

– Facebook surpasses MySpace in number of unique users per month.
– Google makes an offer of 15 billion dollars to buy Facebook.
– Apple introduces the iPhone.

– Facebook is now the largest social network worldwide with over 200 million users. The social network’s traffic is twice that of MySpace.
– AOL buys Bebo.
– Facebook tries to buy Twitter for 500 million dollars.
– Tumblr launches.

– Twitter breaks the news of a plane crash in the Hudson River.
– “Unfriend” is the New Oxford Dictionary word of the year.
– Microsoft launches Bing to compete directly with Yahoo and Google.
– Facebook surpasses 400 million users, and also surpasses Google in weekly traffic.
– MySpace loses its popularity and the number of users shrinks to 57 million.

– In order to compete with Facebook and Twitter, Google launches Buzz, a social network built into Gmail.
– AOL sells Bebo to Criterion Capital Partners.
– Apple launches the iPad.
– There are an estimated 1.97 billion users worldwide, representing 30 percent of the population.
– The Internet surpasses newspapers as main source of information among Americans.
– Tumblr generates more than 1 billion page views per month and over 2 million daily posts.
– Pinterest launches.
– There are over 550 million users on Facebook, 65 million tweets sent per day, and 2 billion YouTube videos watched each day.
– LinkedIn now has 90 million users worldwide and goes public.

– Apple launches the music social network Ping.
– News Corp. sells MySpace to digital media firm Specific Media for $35 million.
– MySpace and Bebo are redesigned to compete with Facebook and Twitter.
– Facebook reaches an annual revenue of 3.7 billion dollars.
– Google + launches.
-Pinterest launches as a content curation site.
-Pinterest competitor launches.

– Facebook files for an IPO. At its premiere in the stock trading floors, the network aims to collect 10 billion dollars. Its value is estimated between 75 and 100 billion dollars.
– Twitter generates 12,233 tweets per second during the Super Bowl.
Mar 23
Comment: -------------------------------- Birth of cryptocurrencies --------------------------------
In 1983, a research paper by David Chaum introduced the idea of digital cash. In 1990, he founded DigiCash, an electronic cash company, in Amsterdam to commercialize the ideas in his research. It filed for bankruptcy in 1998. In 1999, Chaum left the company.

Beenz was a centralized digital currency that Charles Cohen built in 1998 on a website ( From the outset, he intended it to be used as a medium of exchange in online commerce.

Beenz tokens were purchasable by individuals and companies. Customers could also earn them for visiting a web site or login in through an Internet service provider. In turn, they would use them for online shopping.

Unfortunately, wide adoption necessary to establish its own free floating exchange rate did not materialize. Despite VC backing of up to $100 million, it ran into cash flow problems just as the dot-com bubble imploded. It was sold off in 2001, but never to be revived.

Flooz launched online in 1999, deriving its name from the Arabic word for money ‘fuloos’. Like beenz, it worked as a centrally issued currency comparable to virtual points, loyalty points or airline miles.

You could either purchase the currency or get it through promotional giveaways. Customers could spend them at online stores that accepted them as a means of settlement.

Like all other e-currencies, flooz’s take off hinged upon widespread adoption by both users and merchants. This, however, failed to happen, and it was forced to wind up operations in 2001.

In 1996, co-founders Douglas Jackson and Barry Downey, came up with the digital gold approach to the online currency. Unlike others before them, theirs was 100% backed by physical gold held in trust and whose reserves were transparently published. Anyone could acquire e-gold from the company by opening a pseudonymous account and setting up to receive and send payments. All accounts balances were denominated in grams of gold.

Because it enabled an application programming interface, the currency was able to gain widespread user and merchant adoption. At its peak, it was able to process $ 2 billion.

Unfortunately, its successful business model would be the source of its demise. It attracted abuse by criminals, Ponzi schemers and hackers. It closed shop in 2008 when it could not withstand action from regulators, especially the requirement to get licenses from states across the US.

Digicash was a pioneer of modern-day cryptographic money. It was founded by David Chaum, a reputable American cryptographer, in 1990. He believed in emulating the qualities of physical cash with virtualized tokens, which would be peer to peer sharable.

He came up with blind signatures, a cryptographic encryption technique. This unprecedented feature was remarkable enough at the time that Microsoft offered $ 180 million to embed it on their Windows platform.

Instead, David Chaum settled for bank funding to launch the product as e-cash for financial institutions. Nevertheless, Digicash ran out of money and became a victim of infighting amongst the team that was running it. Infospace s acquired it in 2002, but it was too late.

Today, cryptocurrencies borrow some aspects of Digicash especially on matters of privacy and safety.

It is easy to forget the evolution of digital currency through time. However, Cryptocurrencies have built their foundations on the mistakes of digital currencies that came before them.


2017: The public wants to become crypto millionaires and get lambos.

Could the actual crypto == Facebook? All the previous stuff was really unknown to anyone...
Maybe Bitcoin & cie == Myspace or friendster, and we need something new that doesn't suck as much, scales, and doesn't require 1000000000 GB of free disk space to own a wallet once it starts being used.
The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.
you are so bearish about overall crypto market. but most other top TA reviewers are bullish about btc and other crypto.
MrRenev sankarmail
@sankarmail, I'm neutral, just change my mind every few days as BTC moves :D
We can go to 17ko and see 2-3 million BTC sold on finex, or we can go to 3k and see these 2-3+ millions sold.
Idgaf i'll just keep rising the waves :D
im still holding my short and didnt come out at 7200, damn
What is your long term take on crypto and BTC? Because sometimes you are saying you will go long, you just do that for short term profits?
MrRenev sankarmail
@sankarmail, Ye I just ride the waves.
My opinion is we go down then in April-may go up (spring), then crash, go down down down, bear market consolidation for a while then BTC slowly goes back up, people regain confidence one at a time. Won't be another bubble for a while.
sankarmail MrRenev
@MrRenev, Ok, thanks. There are some alts which fundamentally create values, and they can't have good rides? Sad to hear.
Hallemahalle sankarmail
Forget all Altcoins and think about the awesome entry point when BTC finds its true level.
sankarmail Hallemahalle
@Hallemahalle, ok. Does anyone know the true level? Its hard to know, I guess.
Hallemahalle sankarmail
I guess nobody knows..i know bear markets from altcoins where the end is detectable by a low volume, low volatile market where most traders quit and waiting or hodlers sold.
As soon as trading becomes boring, i guess we are approaching the end
sankarmail Hallemahalle
@Hallemahalle, Trading comes to an end or crypto comes to an end? How trading could cause end of cryptos?
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