The spam box. Bitcoin crash live update.

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar

Might as well post a separate idea to spam updates, so I can keep my other ideas clean from now on.
I'll be posting updates about the dumps and bounces on the way down to 7600-7800 (finex prices).
If this gets spammed too much, I'll make another post for what comes after.

We could get a green day today as people that saw a reversal candle on the daily got baited (I think last time they got baited on the 12H chart).
It's super unlikely that we go up now. Probably we accelerate down. $$$

+++ I am not a financial advisor (good luck finding one in crypto). Trade at your own risk +++
Comment: My order to short more at 9451 didn't go because I typoed 9541 wups fat fingers.
I got greedy and went in big so I can't short more now, I got to keep some cash in case someone pumps the price up.
Feel free to sell on a break of the must hold levels and ride the wave down.
Comment: The technical target of the bigger rising wedge would be right above the must hold line for their lives.
Going to grab some popcorn when we get there see the bulls fight for their lives.
Probably going to see alot of messages "Great time to buy" on TV chat if I go look.
Comment: Daddy, why does it look the same when I zoom in?
Comment: Hope we get the answer to our questions next week.
Comment: I'm looking for an exchange where it's dropping down so fast the candles aren't even connected anymore on the 1 minute XD
Comment: TFW it goes down so fast you have to look at the 1 minute chart to draw flags and find targets, as an overnight trader

If I was braindamaged I'd go spam everywhere that I called it first (that we accelerate down) before anyone else.

No idea how the guy that spams his ideas everywhere isn't banned btw...
Comment: Going to want to watch the next days like a hawk.
2017 uptrend about to be tested again lol
Comment: Lets H0DL some Bitcoin
Comment: ^That artwork isn't mine.

I'm just going to watch this all day long tomorrow tbh:

Comment: I was here for the great Bitcoin crash of March 2018!
Comment: The Stock Market Crash of 1987:
"Specialists on the New York stock exchange no longer have capital to keep buying stock if the panic selling continues. They beg their banks for money but are denied"
Wait what that's possible? UMARGHAD!
I thought only nobs got rekt.
Can the panic selling on BTC bring it so far low that I run out of cash to keep buying the way down?
Comment: We making history guys.
Testing 2017 uptrend now. If we pierce it again. RIP. Groooowl
Comment: All the people average Jane and Joe smart investors all of them that bought MILLIONS of Bitcoins in 2017, they are looking at this line.
See what happened last time we went below?
So when went past that it crashed 500$ in 1 hours, and then went down some more.

But alot of people were still "hodling" they read about panic selling etc and they want confirmation that it's just a test.

We went up after wards and above and then dropped hard on the line then hard up again.

Then bull run (with some help from whales) till 11788. So these Hodlers, they're thinking "oh nice I knew it we're up again". But now, we are falling and testing this line again, only 1 month later. 2 days ago, and now again.
What are they thinking? They're all looking at it.
Probably 95% of people can't even tell what an indicator is but they use simple lines on coinmarketcap or something.

And if we lose it again, will they think "oh this is just a test again we are going back up"? Or will they think "we're not done yet at all as I thought the 6 feb. It as jsut a dead cat bounce" and everyone will sell massively and the price drop hard, possibly even more than 500$ in 1 hour?

The herd that bought Bitcoin in 2017, they're not day traders, they want to buy and HODL and become "crypto millionaires", and they'll all sell at the same time.
Comment: Mind of a 2017 "hodler":
"I am a smart investor, I saw a hidden line. I will stay in as long as we are above this line. When we go below, np I'll sell then gg I'm a pro ^^"

Except there's millions of people thinking the same exact thing...

So the lucky ones sell first and think "I'm a mastermind who called it better?"
And then the less lucky ones get there a few minutes late, price already dropped 200$ "I KNEW IT I KNEW IT WE'RE CRASHING I HAVE TO SELL FAST AS FAST AS I CAN BEFORE IT GOES TO 500$"' and they cause the crash... The lower it goes the more scared people are and get shaken off...Till there's no one left.


Most major stock exchanges use trading curbs to throttle panic selling,
providing a cooling period for people to digest information related to the selling and restore some degree of normalcy to the market.
But crypto unregulated exchanges don't have this :>

Let's make some money tonittteee!
Why did I not short more at higher price? Why did I only go 25 leverage? :(
Comment: Note to self: Don't FOMO, don't. fking. FOMO. You don't have to short more, that's enough! You'll make enough money.
You can always make more later. Crypto perma volatile.
Trade active: Set a few more sell orders at the top of my speculative rising wedge.
Comment: This line is getting weaker and weaker...

For the twenty years ending 12/31/2015, the S&P 500 Index averaged 9.85% a year. A pretty attractive historical return. The average equity fund investor earned a market return of only 5.19%.

Why is this?

Investor behavior is illogical and often based on emotion.

No point reading the rest XD

So if people make less, smart people make more, or way more :> ez
Comment: Average investor still beats inflation :>

Not sure the .1% difference is worth all the stress and panic lel
Comment: Think this is it tbh...
Well we could consolidate a few hours longer above the line... Nah probably not
Comment: I wonder if there's millions of special snowflakes that are all going to complain "why did wall street have to short it" and keep selling, making the price go down and down...fucktards rly XD
Comment: Like imagine god is looking at earth he's seeing the whole planet, tens of millions of voices all yelling "why did Wall street short it" and panic sell at the same time.
So ridiculous. If God watches he just gives up on humanity "ok I am god but I failed here. Damn, better try again somewhere else"
Comment: Testing da line. From under it now.
Comment: Unprecedented death cross on BTC:

Ok so basically it's simple, the capitulation will come when we see a monthly selling volume of 5Million.
Comment: Omfg from the video I see there was hiddn bullish divergence.
Would have shorted more at 9400 if i saw that too :(
Comment: *bearish
Comment: I'll watch that next if we go 6k.
Good I spammed this idea nicely :) Love it
Comment: If we go below 6k I got 4.4k 3.5k or 2600$ as possible bottoms.
I'll buy there. Going to be risky buying dips looking for the bounce above that, but nice guy RSI if it gets too oversold will help alot here.
If we're at 6000 with a 1HR RSI at 15 it's ok I can buy we can't go much lower without bouncing and then even if it gors below I'll simply buy more.
Comment: I guess the most likely is 3500 somewhere in that area? if we go sub 6k.
If we go sub 6000 we won't simply drop to 5600 trust me XD
Comment: On a bounce at 6k I think I'll simply short more the higher we go from there, than try buying the dip to profit from the bounce, much, much less risky.

Last time we spent 2 weeks on that line so idk what I'd do...
Bitmex would kill me with fees. They give funding to losing positions that end up being rekt anyway, and take huge fees from the ones of the winning side and sometimes close winning position to liquidate a loser.
I guess I can just use kraken, and short with high leverage on bitmex if there's a rly good opportunity.

Comment: Targets and stuff
Comment: 6800 makes alot of sense because once we lose the trendline it'll drop hard fast.
I'll close short there unless I see signs of reversal before.
Then reopen short up we bounce >10% easy, but won't go long, too risky for me.
I'll have some Bitcoin on Bitmex thought, so I'll kind of be long anyway.
Comment: Bored, just going to sleep
Comment: Some aggressive buying. Looks natural. :}
Kewl maybe I can short more at 9k

I learned that futures got first used during tulip mania, they first brought it into a higher ath, just like with Bitcoin, and right after Tulip price crashed all the way down.
Comment: There was a whale buying BTC hard on Gdax so whales from other exchanges mov"ed there to dump on this tard. Maybe he moved to finex and maybe also Okex?
DIE DIE DIE groooowl
Comment: On Bitmex the price got boosted to 9300 wow. I had a sell order at 9070 didn't even have time to remove it and place once higher o.0
Comment: This is the bulls last stand!
If they don't survive now, it's capitulation basically.
Comment: I'll admit I'm a bit scared, don't have that much cash left on bmex...
Should have kept more on the side for a last stand.
Comment: Never ever ever ever day trade crypto. Ever.
Comment: Ok so let's try to be logical:
First the whale from Gdax that moved makes his last stand, then the people shorting at 8500 got reKt and as all the stop losses got hit the price went up since they all have to buy to close position. And a few idiots FOMO'd.
is that it?
The whales that went to gdax to dump on the desperate bull, how long fpor them to go back to finex bmex okex and start dumping on hipm again?

They got to come save us fast, before I get liquidated !!!
Comment: Should I buy more Bitcoin in case the price gets pumped to 10150???

Comment: At the very top of the bearish wedge
Comment: Damn BTC...

On a positive note LTC looks like it's showing signs it stopped caring about BTC.
Comment: Here an idea: Let's NOT go into consolidation for a couple of days.
Comment: It's always ALWAYS the same BS some 2 digit IQ struggler(s) trying to buy time more time for no reason it lastes forever trying to delay the inevitable due to "human psychology" aka low IQ I got better things to do and I am going to pay 500$ in fees oww yeah how great.
Comment: I'm so afraid this happens after all now that I gave up on it...
I haven't said a lower limit for people stupidity so anything's possible in my mind.
Comment: People are calling reversal and making moon calls based on 15 minutes charts... 1HR at best... even "pro's"... Ye bulls getting pretty desperate imo...
I bet it's a "great time to buy"
I'm so bored of waiting, and eating fees the longer we wait... Bmex...
Comment: Possibilities... Possibilities...

Best is probably to just sit it out in cash, or have a really small position.
Comment: Same as sports video games. They get smashed over and over "never give up we can still win with the power of love and friendship Oh I see a possible reversal, signs of strength"?
Just realized how retarded bulls are.
Lmao. If they'd let it go down as it should it would actually go up just like they want, faster. They try so hard to buy time for whatever reason oh my oh my so many shillers, so many "experts" posting about possible reversals and signs of strength.
And they'll end up selling at a huge loss and feeling stupid and never telling anyone what they did.

I'm just too bored to keep following it, I just go set an alert on 9800 and 8500 and ignore it...It's getting painful to watch, the misery, the desperation, the non stop shilling...

Comment: Won't start shorting till 10k at that rate too risky :D
Downtrend is at 10900 I think something like this
Comment: The herd can't be reasonned with they are full euphoric it's insane I almost never saw this they're going crazy.
This can only end well :)
Comment: Resistance got broke.
Going to be tested as support next.
Comment: Hmm I probably won't need to buy Bitcoin as a hedge.
Guess it could be coming in the next hours.
Comment: 9500 doesn't look like it's holding. next support 9280 and downtrend resistance.
Comment: 0.5 should be a good retrace for the bulls.
Comment: Let's retrace a bit

We could go retest the downtrend the next few days.
Comment: If it doesn't go now there's something very wrong...
Comment: Yet more boring science that says we're going to the 3500 area:
Comment: Rejected the daily 50 moving average, but I'd stay it's still risky to short here, as it's risky to long...
Comment: If the exact same thing that happened in 2014 happens again and we go to 13k before plunging... which was my first idea... Thanks news...thanks alot.
I'll just get liquidated and start a new short up there more aggressive...
Comment: Let's see what Bitcoin next move is.
Comment: I SCREWED UP! My bad. I am so sick my head hurts.
We look like 2014 just before plunging down.

Don't think the whales would let us go past 10500 or something...

Can't tell anymore...
Comment: If it goes up 14% again it would get to my liquidation price, ouch!
I will short more if we go that high move my liquidation up a bit.
Comment: We bounce less and drop harder now, so maybe that was the top.
My head hurts too much to do proper thinking.
I'll start adding to my shport positions above 10k a bit, and if we're overbought and different factors show it's soon over I'll start going super aggressive manmode.
So I'll short till close to 5k, and go long at 5k, if we go below I'll buy more.
I skipped work today, probably skip tomorrow too I'm too sick, it's good that way I can be ready if something happens.
It really should all happen this week.
Comment: Updated the idea I was supposed to keep clean...
The whale that pumped the price bought at 8350-8600 more or less, maybe some higher too, so for now he can sell as long as he's above his buy price.
We can still go 10k+
Comment: Looks like MA 25 and 9280 support held.

If we lose that we could go far down.
Comment: Went below but now sitting on MA25 znd 9200 support.
I'd like to short some more BTC up there at under daily MA50 at least but doesn't look like it's happening. Can people fall for it again?

If we go under again I guess BTC is toast we going to 6k bounce then 5k bounce.
After 5k bounce I might as well start spam box episode 2.

Log entry stardate 12 March: Some more TA authors here capitulated already, they won't be posting anymore (some left at 20k crash).

Seems to me the best ones are the all time top authors, and the people that arrived after January 2018 :D DCFreak D4rkenergu etc Maybe MPC but he has issues :D And charts Head and Shoulders in crypto.

All the TA guru's that got here when BTC was bullish and got lucky and are perma bulls are pretty bad tbh...
Comment: Fighting for its life:
Comment: The bulls don't seem to understand it's their fault we crash. Blaming bears when they actually help being less overbought.
Ofc the herd rushed to buy like 10 million Bitcoins or something half the supply in
3 months. Who's going to make the price climb when they all bought and hold? XD

Comment: Without bears it would just be a ponzi... Yet to find a sustainable ponzi.
Comment: A theory...
Comment: the support that held since 2011 should be the absolute bottom.
Same line on mtgox:

Bitstamp that were here before Bitfinex:
Comment: Oh oh. price was sittin on dialy ema 200 barely above and then we lost that level...
Let's not have a whale pump the price again...
People probably won't fall for it again tbh...
Comment: As the price is fighting to stay above the 200EMA

We can see that even if BTC falls fast, the absolute bottom would be 3000:

If BTC reaches ~ 3000 dollar around the 25 May, I am a magician :D
Comment: Imo rather 3500$ in July, but anyway.
BTC fell from the 200ema daily, its techincal target is 8600 (doesn't mean it will be reached):
Comment: Testing/fighting 9000. In a rising wedge again lol

Once we go under 9000 I think we shouldn't go above it again, unless a whale pumps the price...

The Moving average's are going down and they act as strong resistances...
Comment: Fell out of rising wedge early, BTC looking really weak.
The authors that shill Bitcoin and say it's secretly bullish and will "wake up" and explode to the moon tilt me so much. As BTC clearly heads down, they get desperate and start spamming posts where they say "it looks bad but we're actually going up trust me". They are bad and bought high and now they're afraid and want to shill and bait people to buy...
I want to go insult them, but they'll report me and I'll get banned.
Comment: Should be about 1 hour till the bear whale dumps a bunch of BTC.
From user bartdemaere:
Comment: Testing 2 supports as resistance now:

Comment: New liberty standard were the place to buy Bitcoin before MtGox, on their page they state:
New liberty standard: We Sell 1,578.76 Bitcoins for $1.00 USD Plus PayPal Transaction Fee.
Where can I apply? I would like to buy 10$ worth of BTC.
Comment: ABout the big one, zooming in to be more precise we haven't really fallen yet, we went under and closed above, but the smaller rising wedge on the 15 minute timeframe is valid

Comment: Muh addiction requires me to look at charts non stop
Comment: Been almost 24 hours BTC has been playing around the 9100 level...
Unless we actually go up to 10k, once we lose that (close below) and keep going down we finally stop going back and forth.
Comment: Pretty boring day imo, closed into a doji.

It's soon going to be the time when the whale usually dumps maybe something happens then. If he doesn't dump it could go up to 10k, would be a good first entry for shorts.
Comment: The daily really closed this time, I was 1 hour early.
Pretty boring day.

Comment: The bulls are hoping for a miracles or just blind and ignorant, so if they push the price to 10200 I'll simply rob their money.
Comment: Here was the pump :=)
A bit more about market manipulation:

I'm getting ready to short at 10000+ we can go there easilly...
Comment: If people fall for the fake pump again we could get a good short entry.
The thing is the FBI etc or whatever is responsible for this tries to fight these pumpers, but even if they set a limit on an individual groups can still be created and they will all buy or sell at the same time. I don't think the regulators governments have been able to make much progress in the stock markets... Sometimes people get arrested but most of the time they aren't...
Comment: If we keep going up, we're going to get into dump o'clock time the time where a whale dropped the price suddenly the past 8 days same hour every day.
Not sure people fall for it again...
Comment: Looks like people didn't fall for the pump at all, if that was one I'm not sure of anything anymore.
It would seem we broke below the bear flag and pennant (again?) and we won't go up before going down.

It's not very precise on the 12H chart, when we go to a lower time frame for more precision, this is what we see:

Now I got a first target where I lock in profit at 7900 7550 or 6900, it will all depend on rsi and how fast we drop all that stuff.
DCFreak has a 7550 target:

The full target of the giant bear triangle or wedge or whatever way we see it is 6k, but it should stop on the way and bounce at least a little, depends how hard people panic. And it's not saying we stop falling or bounce at 6000.
Comment: Lost the higher low pattern we had since the bounce a few days ago.
Was the only bull sign idk what they have left now, just shill and lies and playing stupid
Comment: Sentiment change on BTC is social media in the past 24 hours -85%
Comment: If we go sub 8300 it's going to look so bad for the bulls..
Another -25% day?
Comment: Bitcoin getting closer to the edge of the cliff every time.
It'll be time for the spam box episode 2 if we lose that support.
Could fall down pretty fast if we lose that.
Comment: Senate destryoing crypto and ICO's live:
"People just want to sit in their pijama's and get free money"
"They're bad really dangerous"
Comment: I wonder if this is possible...
Comment: Keeps playing around 8700 like it kepts playing around 9100 yesterday...
This better not last 24 hours this time thought XD
The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences beating upon us to cripple the creative mind.
Tesla said it not me. I would phrase it differently :}
it is getting too slow, should have corrected all the way down faster, now im paying interest fee every day..
MrRenev PhillipLiang
@PhillipLiang, You on Bitmex?
The fees are high and blow, but we had a very long period where the longs paid the shorts before.

I think the fall is happening at a normal rate. Should fall to 2017 log uptrend this evening to tomorrow when the whale that drops the price every day at the same hour does it again ;)
After ofc the support probably fights for its life a few days before we go under. By then, hopefully the longs start paying the shorts again.
@MrRenev, there are people still thinking it is the bottom and rush in
Think we have bottomed. I'm seeing a very similar pattern in the last 2 pump and dump on the 15min TF. have a look.
@mudgod, We'll bottom out when the whales pumping and dumping decide we bottom out.
I don't know who's crashing the price but every single time it happens at the eaxct same hour (1 hour early or late today because of daylight saving time)
We're moving down. Hopefully (at least for me), down closer to the 3000 level as you mentioned. If it does, going all in.
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since when are you in crypto? like your stuff...we call it "ADHS" trading ;)
MrRenev collateral
@collateral, Haha. Not long, already addicted. Already better than people doing this for years :) Right once again! I see everything!
"Cramer Doesn't Know What to Think! Cancel All Orders!!!!!"
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MrRenev cryptogast33
@cryptogast33, Idk how far up we can go...50k? XD
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