Market Manipulation 101

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Market Manipulation 101
These days we listen every time market moves everybody blame market manipulators and talk about them any many people just think they just sit in front of a laptop and manipulate market by 2 click.but what is market manipulation?
"Market manipulation is a deliberate attempt to interfere with the free and fair operation of the market and create artificial, false or misleading appearances with respect to the price of, or market for, a product, security, commodity or currency." By Wikipedia
But all of you can read Wikipedia and google ,I don't want to repeat all misleading again,I want to introduce you with The Ultimate Market Manipulators.what you have to know that its not easy to play with a market and there is many players that work together and Manipulate the Markets, let's know them better.i introduce you some of them in crypto market:
As you saw until now governments always played a cautious role about this market ,but it's odd, In this world that government are so strict about their enemies and use strongest sanctions and pressure on them ,why they are so careless about what threatens their financial basics so hard? The answer modern and even close to post modern socials political reactions changed. One day USA started a war by a threat but now they put hard sanctions and wait for long time to break enemies harder without very much costs. And they just aware of potential of this market, they now if they show much strict reactions on crypto just attract more people attention to it and make it harder or even impossible to destroy but all of these thing matter with Manipulation. Maybe you think they manipulate market to earn some but it's not the case. They play an important role in Manipulation just by let Manipulators do their job. By turn market to Madness and unreliable place, they just make investors and people escape or run from it.
Look at charts , almost every day charts in crypto market,even a beginner can find out that there is some strange moves in market.If you are trader or even an educational technical analyst you saw candles that show some action against the trend in a second or minute, believe me that not easy to reach below a support and came back to upper resistance by a second,they play with market, BTC BCH usually,and kill stops/shorts/longs all time, They using their power and peoples money to make a trend with that. Any little player in market can't manipulate with 1000 btc and exchanges don't get inform about it. It's just fairytales that some whale(big investor)can play with BTC market in those totally Centeralized exchanges. They even yell about it all times and inform anybody that "We just printed some tether and we will use them as a Margin" .what here is understandable? but they have many co-worker that are important too, I introduce them in Number 4.
3.Little Whales
When we talk about whale need to know that just few exchange or huge investor can play with BTC ,BCH,ETH market but we have many little whales that manipulate market too,little whales , little markets.They always play in little ALTcoins and use that field for earn.They simply start a huge buys and bring along them common buyers with help of number 4.After a pump they dump and hide from anybody.Little whales are just like exchanges.How governments let exchanges continue their work, exchanges let these little whales do pump and dump again and again.We can not blame them,we have to blame just who let all this dirty activities continue.
In Modern Era, Media found its prophecy in different way, one day, they started as a guide for community and soon they understood that they can guide people just in way they want. We all know about Medias and what what they do,but need to know exactly which ones and how play in Crypto Market.So I introduce them to you:
Comment: a.News
Many people think that advertising just Praise something or someone and introduce it in that way to community but it's wrong.Todays most effective advertise for crypto is to make common people that never use any market or don't know even how to work correct with internet, aware about that.Many of old people or less educated ones,believe in what NEWS said and start to know something after hearing about it in NEWS and after that TV advertises.So do not need News say "hey people crypto is great" they just need to talk about it and even say "hey people crypto is dangerous". Enough to aware someone about existence of something.
Or for a moment think about all Crypto based blogs and News websites we have today,they play important role for more educated people,all of us saw many times that market started to fall after they publish a news,don't think wrong, their news not reason of any drop but it's a perfect COVER for what Bigger players in market do.They just mislead people from main cause of market falls to some story and people buy it simply.
b.Professional Social Networks
Time to talk about delicious one,Here,TradingView.
I don't want accuse someone or talk about specific person (I can but just don’t want).
I Monitored Big Authors here from one year ago,even when I did not sign up here.I realized that they guide people to defined way that had not any logical reason.Many times I saw here that some TAs with lot audition analyse a wave or pattern just opposite what they have to do. Can't blame their knowledge because all of them know what to do,they just simply mislead people in way that exchanges and little whales wants.You can check their history in TV now.Exactly when market is close to reversal they talk about lower lows and dooms day scenarios and when they have to notify people about market weakness they talk about buying more and higher highs.That's just betrayal to people who trust them.In other side we all see that suddenly they post an idea about ALT that nobody knows it,and they claim about big percent profits in those Alts.They just simply help Little Whales here.Many authours here have VIP channel or website to give you correct analyse or the question coming, if they want to sell signals or TAs why they publish here for free wrong TAs?It's just ugly. I don't disagree about selling knowledge but I can't accept someone to sell a TA or Signal.Maybe someday I start a VIP learning channel that by using that for a short time people can earn by themselves but I think It's not right to make people always need you for signal or your dirty analyse that always use auditions as a BAIT.
It's reason that I always said to my friend and followers to learn and learn more and trade by your knowledge.
Comment: c.Signal Channels
Most Dangerous ones,they control by little whales and just want use followers as bait.You just lose money there.All their signals is about to reach their targets but with your help.After you buy in market they sold immediately and you lose half of you money in a sec.Please Avoid to use them,free or vip.They are just steal your money.
I saw many manipulations started from a thread or simple question in Reddit or Bitcointalk.They abuse market by shaping Market Psychology.They Start a thread or participate in some popular thread with many accounts and help people believe what they want.Sometime they spread FUD and other time FOMO.
e.Social Networks
These days we all believe in social networks powers like Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Youtube and etc... .We are in era that influencers in these networks shape for people a new belief or simply trust in something,someone or some product.Every Company that did not use this power,failed finally.We have these people in crypto market too and it's funny that they do their works and reach their goals lot easier than any kind of advertising.I even don't want power of banner advertising in these networks and just want to talk about an example that how influencers do THE JOB.
Few month ago in late November I bought many XVG for $200.Many of you remember that MR McAfee was a Crypto fan (FOMO MAKER) from day one.After I bought XVG in less than 1 month after a single tweet by MR McAfee I sold my XVG around $25k.Yeah I know that in Dec an Jan many Alts flied for Moon but I want to say this, every coin fly started with a trigger and that trigger is what important. I even don't want to talk about what bad expectation these influencers created about this market for common buyers and how Destructive is their actions for market.
What all of you need to understand well is that all parts of Medias works together as a cartel to lead common people and investors in way they want but they even don't know that they work together for a duty that bigger players want.Bigger players plays their role exactly in way that governments want.We have an Organized Manipulation Network that each part of it work in order of upper level player without understand it.They just gathered by an important basic in human creation,GREED.

I just started this thread,I want you to say your opinion about it.I will continue this idea with clues next time and if I see a dirty action here or anywhere I will aware you here.If we love this market and love philosophy behind it we need to make it safe and clear from all destroyers.It's our duty to show them that we know them and understand what they do.Creation of CryptoCurrencies was about freedom and ending era that Governments , Great Financiers and Banks controlled peoples life and freedom but now we just have unsafe place that people lost more with.We need to Change together,first with our Knowledge.
Thanks you for reading this,if you agree with my idea please like it to others here in TV aware about it and use it.Leave a comment for me and let me know what you think and help me evolve my thoughts too.
I opened a telegram channel last week and will start to work there too as soon as its reach to proper Audition number. You can join me there @
Comment: Guys i have an important example for you.Did you saw here in TV exactly when all indicators said that BTC need a reversal or correction,we had many famous Analysts that talked about lower targets???For god sake,It's remember All time.Just please check out every top TA here(except Botje11,He is a great Analyst that i learned from him too much)you can see dooms day targets and 3-5k targets.It's just Disaster
peyman, EW international last Friday 5k, Trading analysis 4k, poop cannon 4.7k, I can go on but it making me any money. yes botjet is good and so r u!
Peymana71 TomPower
@TomPower, what can i say?One of them post once in month exactly when market stuck in a turning way just for misleading people.Anyway Thanks for your comment Tom.
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I like your ending phrase "learn more and trade by your knowledge." Thank you for sharing this with us!
Great and useful informations.i can guess whose here in TV,you talking about.
My apologies Peymana71, for missing the possibillity of 'sister' & 'Crypto Girl or Woman'
My friend hung up his trading cap last week because oil price manipulation drove him nearly insane & broke. If he wasn't taken out by a manipulated spike, opposing trend for 2 seconds, taking his stop loss, only for the trend to continue as it was, the price would go totally opposite direction to what he had been lead to believe it would by manipulative media! Love your work brother. Gotta keep the Admirals away from the helm altogether!! We need greater awareness of these things. Good luck 'Crypto Man'! I think you're my new hero hahahahahahaha. True brother keep it up!
Peymana71 platinumbeard1
@platinumbeard1, You're welcome my friend,i came sad by hearing that story about your friends but all of us here loos lot by manipulators even when all our calculations and analyse are right we need to worry about some spike from nowhere hit our stop and steal our money.because of that many traders don't use stop and finally loos more.Don't worry my friend,you was right i'm
@Peymana71, cheers from Oz brother. Good on ya mate!
Peymana71 platinumbeard1
@platinumbeard1, Cheers
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