BTC prediction 103k

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Prediction of Bitcoin /USD to go to 103k in ~30days. Using parabolic curve and Ace Spectrum indicator.


Whats your opinion on people saying btc is bearish mainly because of the rising triangle?
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Ununseptium malachyoneill121
@malachyoneill121, the 103k would be still possible within the ~30 days when btc continues parabolic.
Here one prediction for the bearish pattern:

With more investors in BTC and a change of trading with people holding assets, and not dumping, the patterns might change. The 103k prediction is based on the parabolic run towards end of 2017.
Ununseptium Ununseptium
@Ununseptium, additionally the FSR is showing support around the 41k area, in case of a drop this could be the area to watch for a bounce towards 100k.