Long live the crab

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4hr timeframe let’s gooooo

We have net more shorts than longs since 10 Nov.
(larger stakes* in fewer hands for the longs, and fewer stakes in more hands for the shorts).

*not relative to portfolio size

Fun fact: google trends “sell BTC” interest is at an ATH for last 90 days,
while “Buy BTC” prints a nice 5 wave Elliot down from a 9th November ATH.

We also see Open Interest declining while PA crabs.
We can take that to mean less liquidity for the underlying asset (BTC).
Declining volume is same story.

OI moving with trend supports trend,
while divergent OI indicates less buyers or sellers to open new positions/ are opening offsetting positions.

So what does declining OI mean when PA crabs?

A larger move is imminent (more probable).

Why? Less liquidity = sensitivity to volatility.

No because that symmetrical triangle formation.
Like isn’t that a bear pennant?

TA contrarian here.. I think price will pump. Maybe 17.8k?

I’m not making any calls. Just saying, smart money is in the longs and them shorts gonna get lemonaded.

Okay sorry for leading you on with this TA but I’m distracted right now so wrapping it up here.

not trading advice
whoahohoho capitulation has begun!
5 to 6 days ago mass amounts of bitcoin have been unloaded at a loss.
Many have been holding since before June lows.

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