BTC SHORTS at ALL TIME HIGHS. Prepare for bullish BTC.

I expect a possible $3100 BTC before shorts dump entirely, but this will likely happen fast.
In the short term (7-9th december) I'm expecting a minor BTC retest to 3.6k, but next week, or even this weekend, once $3-3.4k BTC is fulfilled, prepare for a bullish BTC .
Comment: Shorts have rather disconcertingly destroyed the resistance for the first time ever. On a TA basis, this means a pullback is required for shorts (aka $3600 btc resistance tested), otherwise it's a fakeout, leading to what I think will be a massive $800-$2000 short squeeze due very soon. Have to remember that BTC is falling only due to TA and capitulation and nothing staggeringly fundamental so it is in essence falling for no reason except scared holders.

60% of the market are now short and it is falling for little fundamental reason; put 2+2 together.
Comment: Shorts chart beginning to double top. Not quite moving how I expected but $4700 BTC should be fulfilled before the end of December - to complete the shorts double top it would be logical for BTC to reach $3000 first.
Comment: BTC is rising nicely, as I said. Looking for $4k soon.

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Comment: Shorts really need to break below 27.4k for bullish BTC continuation towards 6k. God knows what happens beyond 5K