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good morning,

in my last post i shared a potential short term bear case, but the rejection from the important algo target which was mentioned was extremely weak, which leads me to believe we're going higher.

still very possible we're in a larger a-b-c, but it would have to be an expanded flat at this point, which would end closer to 72k before the final flush (to around 33~40k) for the larger wave 4 scenario.


in this post, i'm simply counting the local structure - which i do think is coming to an end soon.
my upside target for this current impulse is at 60k on the dot

not sure about the downside target yet, but the local golden zone would be sitting at about 40k.
this would satisfy a larger wave (2) of a higher degree, and it'd set btc up for a big run to end this year.

will probably post a video update later today, or tomorrow discussing the two main scenarios which i'm keeping my eyes on.

Comment: i kinda like this count a bit more right now. if the bull case is indeed at play, making a new high in the larger picture really would help the case.

Comment: looks like it's forming an expanding ending diagonal here,
each of the waves within this structure are 3's,

Comment: okay, looks like that green 3 is in. this dip over the last hour confirmed a slightly larger correction,

simple zig-zag to 50k give or take ~

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