Chase down the Heartbeat to Catch the Lowest Low

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
The trend of the short trade Heartbeat Pattern is Starting to take some shape. Follow down to maximise profit. Look for reversing trend "pulsos" like Polar Volume "Inverse" Mighty Mice and Heartbeats ..
Comment: Trade at own risk.. I'm making this up as I go along !!
Comment: I will use it to buy the dip if the dip is good !
Comment: Caught ya !!

We've got a big heartbeat piggybacking a textbook mightmouse !!!

Comment: oops !! lol, sorry thats another heartbeat
Comment: lol I'm new to this, give me a break

Volume looks flat ! but it does go up and down
lets zoom in !
Comment: Here we go, looks awesome,
big violent candles, symetric shape.
Comment: hard to judge the small ones, they can pack a punch.. I call these echoes
most likely they are your last chance to get prices above the trigger price
Comment: Fib .236 reached !
Comment: There you have a Inverse Mighty Mouse
Comment: it most likely will reverse the short or at least bring it to the trending down line
Comment: Another Heartbeat echo
Comment: Things just got interesting.. This is where we learn whether the symmetry of one formation can destroy that of poorly formed unsymmetrical one

There you have it two side by side.. The Heartbeat next to it's inverse form with bullish volume indicator. They share their max and min..

Comment: It's a tug of war..

Like siamese twins that share a part of their heart !
Trade closed: stop reached:
Comment: This sucker is called Polar Volume Heart beat... It is bullish most of the time
Comment: I have a theory that the embedded Mighty Mouse that initiated the disruption to the symmetry of the wide Heartbeat like structure. got entangled and echoed sharing the right of the heartbeat like structure..

This wide Heartbeat isn't dead yet but the bullish Polar Volume Heart Beat will have to play out..

This was obviously a polar volume mighty mouse at the bottom.

Look for good symmetry in large structures.. the little ones are the strongest ones, like the story that a butterfly causes a cyclone.. but it ends at the cyclone...
This is the sucker that put the short to death

A bullish polar volume heartbeat
Comment: Go long now and see where it goes.. I'm closing shop for a while !

Good Luck !
Comment: new bearish signal with height.

This is a Heartbeat.

Trade active: it will be confirmed if the price hits 7769 or about but sometimes they go full bear with a gap between left and right price..

Stay tuned !! The fat Heartbeat that's slightly off symmetric is about to trigger bears again...
Comment: bullish heartbeat here

retest the top support.. btc is phase locked.. lol
Comment: The trickest part is deciphering the volume.. the patterns structure is simple but the volume can be patchy.. Ultimately I want to use this to trade on days. This is just a little research to get the hang of the volume as time progresses.

A Heartbeat has appeared with a lop sided volume at this zoom. Bearish trend.

Looking at the big picture though. This looks scary ! A flat line out like this reminds me of a textbook Heartbeat top seen on at least 1 of bitcoins peaks.

Comment: This is interesting.

We have an ascending triangle with 3 ascending valleys

And on the other hand we have this huge lighning bolt heartbeat and butterfly wing flap on the other.

The next in a succestion of phase locked heartbeats immerges, A Polar Volume Mighty Mouse..

The HeartBeat before it is stretching it out giving it a gap so far but it has much better volume profile. Beautiful spike in the middle..

Go Long if anything.. but be ware that the lightning bolt is some kind of resistance.

Good luck BTCers

Comment: ignore that big red arrow, lol !!
Comment: That Last Bullish Mighty Mouse was the ticket.. an excelent volume profile and symetrical heartbeat type pattern blows away a poorly formed one !
Comment: Check it out !

I told you they were mighty..

So this is the Bullish lighning bolt structure

Comment: The bearish version of this as seen on the ethbtc charts

Comment: obey the textbook mighty mouse and don't look for volume spikes that are not there !!!!

Lesson Learned !

Happy Trading !!
Comment: Zoom right in and witness the Textbook Mighty Mouse

The Bearish Butterfly !

Comment: Phased locked with another Bearish Butterfly, The Heartbeat..

Comment: Consider taking your hard earned profit....
Comment: Buy the next dip
Comment: This looks like some kind of butterfly wing flap alignment lol !!
Comment: prepare for the storm !
Comment: there is another mightymouse phaselocking the previous heartbeat and it is small as !!

This is going to be interesting..

Looks like more are developing but out of our range..

Something is going to explode !!! lol

Pick a side !
Comment: Flap Flap Flap

here it is but low res

Comment: 4 flaps and counting !
Comment: This will be a new learning experience

Psychological breakout / fakeout / bounce under the microscopes..

Look how they fractally deteriate into a straight line

Its too low res now to see what they are in fact doing !
Comment: but we have a new harmonic microscopic pattern to add to the statistics
Comment: This is one hell of a bulltrap or race !!

Someone might want it to go to 8.4k

first B is bearish, the rest are bullish butterflies...

Comment: need to get faster at reading something like this or stay clear of this type of market.
Comment: two bearish butterflies inside a bearish wasp will still the bulls termporarily..

Comment: Inverse Lightning bolt ! Wow, an espejo of the one that started this thing but smaller... !
Comment: now we find out if its a bull or a bear..

One would assume it's the bear !
Comment: The patterns are equal really just tilted differently.... the differences are pretty obvious. The first big Lightening Bolt is started with a bearish butterfly in the form of a Heartbeat and instead of the heartbeat the ATH one has a Mighty Mouse at the start. Its got one on the end two.. Well a bearish wasp size one.. Will it sting the Bulls !!??
Comment: The beauty is you can draw them with an uncanny symmetry, it's an amazing thing !
Comment: Another cool thing is the phase locked bearish butterflies at all time high built BTC a crown again !!
Comment: uh oh !

Bull Bull !! phase interlocked

Comment: Very bullish !
Comment: Three bullish wasps in a row. might just sting the backsides of the bulls again !! like that Ultra brilliant textbook polar volume mighty mouse that triggered this breakout of the last ascending triangle.. we are staring at another one !!
Comment: There isn`t a big affirmative volume case for the yellow Bearish Cat.. Its phase interlocked with the two bearish wasps so wait for a definitive volume spike and absolutely symmetrical pulso..

Comment: There you go..

There is a bearish continuation coming..

Comment: This is pretty good setup for a short.
Ride trendlines down and sell for max profit.
The structure is reasonably high. be on the look out for a competing structure to reverse this bearish trend..
We're approaching the smaller Lightning Bolts bottom.. It didn't seem to phase the big one that we broke through it's top but it did breaking through it's bottom.

This one Seems bearish in nature, maybe it's the reverse in respect to resistance.. Watch out for those interlocking butterflies.. the last was a bearish wasp and it won..

Benjamix Benjamix
I guessed the last butterfly as bearish.. because volume looks flat and only peaks once at the border to the right.. these are generally bearish in a bearish trend unless you get a kick but green candle up it's guts !
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