BTCUSDT successfully broke downtrend trendline wait for retest

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
As we can see price is strongly bullish and we are not going to fight with the uptrend here that is forming.

But we may have some correction here or at a higher price and for that we are looking for a retest of broken trendline and after that continuation of rise and reaching higher price like 35K-40K after while.

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Comment: new resistance and update:
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strong resistant near 35k don't think go up more
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soon crash
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Enferlain abbas43
@abbas43, Yea, aany minute now.
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namirma abbas43
@abbas43, lol you su....
abbas43 namirma
@namirma, Don't rush

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very likely yes
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great lovely 🦐
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great chart👍🏾
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looking good today
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MMBTtrader ProjectSyndicate
@ProjectSyndicate, thanks a lot dear