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👋Hi, everyone; I hope you all have a positive Portfolio these days (be happy).

✅Bitcoin managed to break the 🔴Resistance zone($38,650-$37,000)🔴[In previous posts, my resistance zone was 🟡Price Reversal Zone(PRZ)🟡] and Important Resistance line during the weekend. However, this zone was not expected to break on Saturdays and Sundays when trading volume was generally low.

🏃‍♂️Bitcoin is moving on Important Resistance lines, Monthly Resistance (3). It is interesting to know that all previous stations were on monthly pivots in the last two to three days.

🌊According to Elliott's wave theory, Bitcoin is on its way to completing the main wave 5.

🌊If we want to look more closely at the waves, Bitcoin is currently completing microwave 3 of the main wave 5.

🌊Microwave 4 of microwave 3 of main wave 5 can end on one of the 23.6%($42,730) and 38.2%($41,676) Fibonacci lines.

💡On-chain data shows that many Bitcoins have been purchased in the range of $45,000 and that medium-term Bitcoin holders are at a loss until now. If the price reaches this area, it is possible that a large number of holders will want to sell their Bitcoins at Breakeven!

🔔I expect Bitcoin to make the first attack on the 🔴Heavy Resistance zone($52,130-$45,840)🔴 to complete microwave 3 of the main wave 5. It is also likely that the first 🔵CME Gap($40,325-$39,290)🔵 will be filled after completing the main wave 5.

📚There are at least🔵6 CME Gaps🔵 that Bitcoin has not yet filled; generally, over 98% of these gaps have been filled in Bitcoin.

📚Elliott waves include a series of Rules and Guidelines that you can analyze and predict the road map of the price. In general, in the theory of Elliott waves, you are faced with several scenarios that you should find the correct scenario with the help of other technical analysis tools and fundamental analysis and try to identify the correct scenario from the false scenario.

❤️In the end, here is some advice for you as a little brother:

🔸TradingView website has provided us with a suitable space to transfer our analysis, so it is better to use it and not waste our time on destruction or ugly comments.

🔸If you have any comments, please share them with respect.

🔸No analysis is 100%, so if you use analysis as an investment, it is better to follow capital management and take responsibility for it yourself.

🔸Please don't look at the words of Celebrities about the price of Bitcoin and other Altcoins as an investment; check their past, and the truth will be clear(These days they are hot).

🔸I hope we can use TradingView to increase our capital and knowledge.

❗️⚠️Note⚠️❗️: An important point you should always remember is capital management and lack of greed.

Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ), 4-hour time frame ⏰.

Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position you want to open).

Please follow your strategy; this is just my Idea, and I will gladly see your ideas in this post.

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It seems Microwave 4 of microwave 3 of main wave 5 was completed.
I expect Bitcoin to start another bullish rally soon.

If Bitcoin breaks $44,630.
BTC can go down at least to $42,800
If the support line(1) is broken, the scenario will be bearish, and in the next step, if Bitcoin touches $38,330, we can say with more confidence that Bitcoin will see red days.
Bitcoin seems to be completing the last microwave of the Double Three Correction(WXY), then it will likely fall to the support line(2) and support zone(filling the 🔵CME Gap($40,325-$39,290)🔵).

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