The TradingView Digest - February 27th

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The TradingView Digest - February 27th

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the TradingView Weekly Digest. In today’s edition, we’re highlighting the top posts from our community, which includes a video tutorial on TradingView’s paper trading feature, an informative post about Bitcoin halving, a post on finding trade setups, and all the latest headlines, earnings, and economic events.

💡🎥 How-To: Use the TradingView Paper Trading feature - by TradingView
TradingView's Paper Trading isn't just for practice; it's a detailed educational platform that closely simulates the real trading environment, all without the risk of losing money. This feature is carefully crafted to mimic actual market scenarios, offering users a realistic preview of how their trading plans might fare.📖🧾

💡🎥 Understanding Momentum to find the Best Setups - by TradeTheStructure
In the video, I discuss how I analyze momentum using MACDs and 5-minute/1-minute charts for day trading. This approach helps me filter out the best setups, positioning myself strategically in the market and within the right trading zones. The key concepts covered in this video include momentum, price action, candle analysis, and multi-timeframe analysis.

📰 Top Stories
💵 Earnings highlights from the previous week:
💡 What Is Bitcoin Halving? Here's All You Need to Know - by TradingView
Halving, a milestone event in the crypto space, occurs approximately every four years, reducing Bitcoin's mining rewards every 210,000 blocks. Satoshi Nakamoto, the individual or group that created Bitcoin, set a fixed limit of 21 million coins, ensuring that the total amount of Bitcoin can never go above that number.

💡 Bad News for USD Longs? - by FPMarkets
According to the US Dollar Index, dollar longs are under pressure. Despite technically still exhibiting an uptrend, there are signs of emerging technical weakness. Since topping at 104.97 in mid-February, just shy of the resistance at 105.04, price action has tunneled through support at 104.15 (now marked as resistance), in addition to channel support extended from the low of 100.62.

🌟 Script of the Week
📜 Percent Rank Histogram - by VanHe1sing
This script visually displays the percentage of historical data points that are less than or equal to the current value for multiple financial instruments.

💭 Our Weekly Thought:

“Good traders try to avoid losing money. Great traders accept they will lose money.”

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