Issue with tradingviews lock scale feature/function

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Issue with tradingviews lock scale feature/function. the video shows it all. this issue happens randomly. I submitted a ticket also. this video is for tradingview staff

Detail text in video:

Hi!, this video is for tradingview.

This video demonstrates the issues I have been having with the "Scale" setting. For some reason the chart will lose its ability to hold or lock scale.

If you zoom in and out (thinking the scale is locked, as it shows its locked).

This is a bug in tradingview, it does not always behave this way. This issue occurs randomly, im not sure what it causing it.

Please, tradingview could you look at this? Also, I have also noticed that changing from dark to light themes causes a issue with the scale coming unlocked. Thats pretty repeatable.. That is not this issue.

This issue is random and very annoying. You have to close the program/browser to fix it.

Its been doing this this since I subscribed.. At first I thought it was my error, but it is not. When you chart everything out and then the scale gets all messed up and you have to take the time to rescale everything, it gets a bit old after the 100th time..