BTC Technical Analysis, Analyzed: Bearish/Bullish = Sheep

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Just stop for a minute and think about how much fucking money you would've lost if you used technical analysis back in 2017 instead of holding onto it and selling at 15-17k area like I (And most other people I know) did.

Money means nothing and won't solve your issues. Please stop turning cypherpunk into this weird 'Get rich quick' scheme, because none of this was EVER supposed to turn out this way.
Scalping is still BY FAR the most reliable way to profit in crypto. I have met one or two people who can reliably trade on TA out of hundreds. Nobody buys shares of AMAT or INTC because
the RSI is below a certain threshold, and you shouldn't start that. Stop reading my dumb bullshit and develop a layer-2 solution to make BTC viable.

Thanks, Love you guys!


haha, you'll be back when it drops to 6k..
@dcpypt, Not with TA I won't be!