Using My strategy to create High Profit backtests Consistently

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
I created a strategy and an alert system based on simple indicators that can produce very high results. I think I am going to start posting some of my results weekly, open for critique. I've actually been using my alerts in the live market, and with pretty good success, but I figure it is always better to have some constructive criticism. I have a ton of experience with my scripts, and I built in a ton of margins for error, so results in real life are actually better than posted.

Not sure if I have a talent, or it is just hours of experience, but I am able to create backtests similar to the one shown in a couple of minutes. The backtest shown is for the past year, from November 2019 to November 2020, and it's on BTC on a 2 hour time frame. Let me know your thoughts on it!

If anyone is interested, I have the strategy open source for everyone to use and to learn from,but my alert system that matches up perfectly with it took some time to build so I kindly ask for $10/month for anyone to use it, BUT I will also send you free configurations to use, similar to the one below, on any coin or any chart that you invest with. I can create great backtests on ANY CHART using my strategy and techniques. I always aim for a mixture of high percent profitability and obviously net profit.

Does anyone have any criticism/doubt/suggestions on my backtest? I'm always looking to learn on how to get better.