btc, bull case.

KUCOIN:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
let's for a moment entertain that this is a wave (1) impulse, and not a wave (a)

then we're going to be able to confirm this bias on this next pullback.

sub wave 3 target = 43,151
sub wave 4 target = 37,000 (i don't want to see the price drop lower than 37, otherwise something else is going on)
sub wave 5 target = 47k

that should put in wave (1) on the next degree
from there we see our golden zone pullback(unless btc decides to give us a flat for wave 2), this gz pullback is in confluence with the midline of the bigger bull channel
that'll be the big trade, the one i've been talking about and waiting patiently on.
Trade active: short orders layered in between 43,140~43,200

high risk w4 swing
Comment: daily algo sell signal starting to flash(won't be confirmed until todays daily close), you can see what happened the last few times it was triggered:

i also think this last push could make it all the way up to 45k, would make a fine area to reject from.

i've adjusted my short orders in a range between 43,120~45k

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