Bitcoin - It's over, crash to 15k starting!

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  • It looks like the bear market is starting! It's the last chance to sell Bitcoin and Ethereum before it's too late.
  • Per my Elliott Wave count, the major ABC correction has finished, and now we need to go down to 15k or 10k. Both targets are arguably good.
  • On the road to 15k, you can see my levels on the weekly chart. All levels are very strong, and that's why I expect a bounce from them. You can, of course, use these levels for your trades.
  • I think the DXY index is ready for another big wave to the upside, and the FED will pivot soon, in May or June, so it will trigger a crash.
  • This pump looks fake to me. It shows signs of weakness, and if I am wrong, there should be a correction anyway, because the market moves in waves, and if this is wave 1 => the usual correction is 0.618 FIB.
  • We have major signs of warning, such as altcoin. They are really weak, and most of them are creating bearish patterns. It's hard to see any uptrend from here for them.
  • This analysis is not a trade setup; there is no stop-loss, entry point, profit target, expected duration of the trade, risk-to-reward ratio, or timing. I post trade setups privately.
  • We have an unfilled CME GAP at 20145, which is a threat because all CME gaps were at least partially filled historically. 20k is also below the major horizontal support at 25k, which is another issue.
  • Let me know in the comment section, do you think Bitcoin is going to crash to 15k or not? I look forward to your comments!
  • The market pumped today (26 April), which is a good and last opportunity to sell at higher prices.
  • Thank you, and for more ideas, hit "Like" and "Follow"!
Big red dildo, it's gg.
The majority is now extremely bullish, so be careful.

A lot of traders counter-traded me and opened a long and got REKT on yesterday's dump. Now the market has taken a pullback, and the same traders opened a new long at the top again, but it's going to go down.

Don't forget to sell Ethereum, because this Trendline from 2015 is breaking down!

Once BTC drops below 27579, it's over!
Let's take a look at volume. Where is the volume in the last wave? There are only two options. Whales are not buying, or Binance lost customers due to low reported volume. Big divergence.
If we take a look at the monthly candles of ETH, we can see a shooting star with a long wick. This indicates a rejection and a bearish signal. Also, the ABC correction could be finished. The ETH dump will affect the BTC price as well.
Now back to Bitcoin. As we can see, the price is inside this parallel channel projection on the LOG scale. That means that we are in a bearish chart pattern. The bear market is valid, and I will enter a short at the top of the parallel channel. No one talks about this pattern at all, and I am happy to show you. Hit like for more secrets right now.

In the comment section, there are tons of comments from people and NPCs saying that Bitcoin is extremely bullish and a crash is even impossible. I would say 80% of all comments are very negative, which makes me realize that the majority is very bullish. You can read it by yourself.
On the daily chart, we see a head and shoulders pattern, which is not good for the bulls. Now the chance of a breakdown has increased.
New analysis: 2 secret patterns on Bitcoin, no one talks about!

25K will be tested very soon. A small bounce from it and retest of the HaS pattern is possible, of course, but I would not speculate on that. The chart is bearish, so short only on futures.
The breakout of the third wave is real.
A strong bearish base has been created. Now the market will transform into a free-falling mode soon.
If you haven't seen this brutal 1-year bearish flag on ETH, you should check it out right now:
Let's take a look at the most popular comments from people and NPCs. Clearly, the majority were extremely bullish and greedy. I posted this analysis when Bitcoin was at almost 30k, and now the price is 26359 and heading to 20k. Don't be like these guys; it doesn't matter if someone is wrong or right; you should respect the analysis and avoid being toxic; otherwise, you are going to decrease yourself a lot.

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