What to eat while trading Bitcoin? (2025 target)

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Trading Bitcoin doesn't have to be hard. With proper food, we can increase the probability of our trades. There is no secret that a large part of the Bitcoin community is on a carnivore diet (a meat-based diet). They believe meat, especially red fatty meat, is essential for human health and brain function as it contains hundreds of yet-undiscovered vitamins that cannot be found in plants at all. Meat is extremely easy to digest and does not cause any allergic reactions; in other words, meat is easily accepted as a fuel for our daily activities. Brain function is important in our daily lives, especially when it comes to trading. I will share with you the top foods that are best to eat while trading Bitcoin. It's important to not overcook your steaks, as nutrients get destroyed with heat. That's why many people prefer to eat medium-rare steaks. The carnivore community prefers to eat beef or lamb on a daily basis and they refuse to eat fruits or vegetables.

1. Japanese Wagyu - Wagyu beef is rich in these essential fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation, support brain health, and boost overall wellness. Wagyu beef boasts a higher concentration of CLA, a fatty acid known to assist in fat loss, improve lean muscle mass, and support a strong immune system.

2. Tomahawk / Rib Eye Steak - As a high-fat and high-protein food, a bison tomahawk ribeye steak is a good source of certain nutrients, including protein, iron, and B vitamins. It's an excellent source of protein and fat.

3. Liver - Liver is a super food no one talks about. Liver contains complete mineral and vitamins profile, so you don't need to take any other supplements if you eat it. It's recommend to eat liver on a weekly basis to support your body with all micro and macro nutrients. Liver is not an allergen, so it doesn't cause any issues to the human body. Liver is the most nutrient food that you can eat, especially in raw form.

Let me know your thoughts, what is your favorite food?
As per the trendline (2017 - 2021 - 2025) bitcoin should hit around 125,000 in 2025.
As per the trendline on the LOG scale (2017 - 2021 - 2025) bitcoin should hit around 250,000 in 2025.
But bitcoin is already pretty big, so 250,000 in this cycle seems to be too much.
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