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Up or down
This is the problem
who is the Winner?
for First Wave (1>2>3)
for Short position:
if Drop continue and this is just a Correction then Target is 38425 and Stop loss is 57981

For Second wave(2>3>4)
for Long Position:
your Stop loss is 50023 and your Target is 63237

This is a very Simple view of SHIBO prediction
lets get inside and see more details in the next Comment

Comment: For big Down trend impulse
price broke Warning and SL3 levels but Bounced exactly from SL2(Nice calculation of SHIBO)
base on this the preferred Target is CTP3 at 45052
but if Price could break SL1 so price could go up easily
Comment: and on this latest uptrend impulse
price just broke Warning Level to now

lets Combine all of them
Comment: in the 1 Hour Chart
Comment: is not Beautiful???
Comment: in this zoomed in Chart you see that Calculations of SHIBO on the impulse Lead us to TP1 that have exact match with older peak. every time price touched it Started to Fall Down
Comment: two Important impulse Lead us to same price
please take a look at (

Comment: why we stuck here ?
running SHIBO on Strongest impulse tell us about it
Comment: SL1 Touched 😍