BTCUSDT Price Prediction(4Hour)

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hi Friends
for Bitcoin Price Range From $ 59,000 to $ 60,000,is very strong resistance range.
According to SHIBO analysis, based on the latest impulse, the price can go up to the green point.59466$
And then return to the previous strong impulse stop range(Next Comment).
Comment: in this Snap shot you see analysis of previous uptrend impulse and its future SL&TP lines
Comment: and the down trend Strong impulse and its SL&TP lines that touched multiple Times
Comment: ALERT: Trade on Your Risk and analysis. use this prediction along your trade plan and Analyzes.

What is SHIBO?
I'm researching a method I have named SHIBO.
SHIBO sets the price of the next Target(Take Profit ,TP) based on the price movement of power and its correction.
I am examining this method and determining its rules. To date, this method has been very accurate.
Take a look at previous ideas to see how successful they have been.
After I was able to register this method and style in my own name i will reveal Details.
I must first prove that this method is very accurate.
So I put my ideas together so that more people can get acquainted with it

THINK Simple is my approach. there are no more lines and too many shapes on chart. its simple to understand. if you are looking for complicated analysis so community is full of them. I respect them all.
now go to chart
I calculate Stop Loss(Warning, SL) and Take Profit(TP1,TP2,TP3,CTP) points based on :
1-price movement
2-price start, high and retracement
3-i don't look for S & R lines(but if you found border line and price are according to them it is a very good Sign)

how to use prediction:
SHIBO show you max of 4 Take Profit line and Warning Level and Stop loss
the best one is TP1 that has higher win rate
but if CTP is lower than TP1 I prefer selecting CTP

using Warning,SL1,SL2,SL3: if price bounce from border line(SL) it could take TARGET but if price break border line and close on it so prediction may fail and stop Reach.
Comment: take a look at 1 hour Chart analysis by SHIBO
Comment: in this one you see that the big uptrend impulses Stop loss(1HU1SL1) are in the same range as take profit level of Down trend latest Impulse(1HD1TP1)
if price break 4HD1SL1 so price can go up again
but if bounced from 4HD1SL1 so price can reach 55250(4HD1TP1)
Comment: Strongest Line:SL3
Trade active: Stop Loss 3 Touched
Comment: on last impulse
Trade closed: stop reached