BTC - A bounce is coming soon (and later)...

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I know my charts have a lot to unpack, I'm just trying to bring order to the chaos for those who seek it. I think we are in an impulse wave that started in 2018 ending the bear market. The 60k top ended wave 3 somewhere and we are in the process of setting up wave 4 by correcting with a zig zag . From what I see, we are in the internal A of wave A, about to end wave C with 5 waves down. I think we are in the 5th leg or about to start it. When C is set, we bounce and go 3 waves up for B. Stay tuned...
Comment: in the internal C of wave A* (5 waves down)
Comment: so from the green 3 which is where I ended 5 based on my count, to where I have 5 and C is wave A of the correction