Why You Can Trade Without Fear In Falling Moving

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Nice to meet you.

I'd like to move my thoughts to help you because I think Corinne, who is still not familiar with how to analyze charts in this downward movement, or who is inexperienced, will feel like a difficult chapter for you.

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It was a chapter where the above car can feel difficult to feel difficult for the decline and weaknesses

In this situation, you can reduce a big loss even if you check it properly.

🔴 Renewed the low point with the appearance of a long string candle in a red box.
🟠 RSI in orange box hits low as it falls into oversold section

These two circumstances alone allow us to predict to some extent whether we're going to go down or up.

The situation that comes out like this is called normal ascending divergence.

The divergence is a trailing signal. You have to lower the low point and raise it immediately so that the RSI can end up rising without lowering the low point.

So how can we interpret this alone?

The first condition must be checked immediately.
To make a divergence, you need a candle and an RSI that renewed its low for the first time.

Then we have to check the low point just before.
If you come back to the chart you were rewatching, you can see that the RSI has renewed its low point when you look at the previous time together with the first long note bar.

So we have to think like this here.

"Oh, I'll go down at least one more time."

If the RSI looked like this, you should think differently.

What if the RSI is higher than the previous low? So we can see the normal ascending divergence.

Then we have to think about the response when we get off here once more.

Will DIVERSION enter the long position after it is confirmed?

As expected, we lowered the low. But did we show the divergence we were looking forward to?

That's not true.
If you look at green boxes, I updated the previous RSI lowered the previous RSI.

Then we have to think more time here.

"Oh, at least once more."

In the end, he lowered the low point one more time and created a divergence.

So we can get the entry basis for the long position here.

The thing that you can't be mistaken about here is that there's a divergence, so it's definitely Rong!! You can't think of it as a shot.

It's just one basis, and when you participate in a sale, the sales winning rate increases when you combine various grounds.

Actually, you have to make a divergence unconditionally to go up! It's not that
As you can see in the chart above just before, it went down without creating a normal divergence, right?

The divergence is 100% correct

I'm not talking about this. At least think of it as a weapon that can add evidence when we're involved in the sale.

In a situation where the trend has actually shifted, it is not difficult to find divergence.

And the higher the time bar, the more reliable it is.
You can see an example like this.

If you first learned about DIVERSION today, please do a back test by looking back at the past chart yourself.

Thank you for reading the long article.

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