Richard Wyckoff predicting BITCOIN pump

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Hello Im gonna show you my chart of predicting Bitcoin dip by Richard Wyckoff.
Be ready of this scenario cuz last time when we had $65k top then Wyckoff predicted this drop and now as you see we have similar scenario of accumulation.

Good luck!
Comment: I updated Wyckoff accumulation!


Nice chart! Just about what I am thinking. Only diff is I think it's going to touch 28k. Not financial advice
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@DareDevilBore maybe more hoping it touches 28k
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Hey man.. you were right about the BTC manipulation on your post of May 12. Do you think we will go up after Phase E or dip down to lower highs like 20k?
Luxar777 Nefetofo
@Nefetofo, Its not that easy to say it because Bitcoin is really manipulating by whales, media etc.. I showed you guys how Richard Wyckoff was predicting market manipulation. Technically if we will go below 30k it will be more chance to go to 20k but it can be only manipulation and we can bounce from 29k last time. So be careful!
Nefetofo Luxar777
@Luxar777, thank you. This makes sense. I hope the manipulators dont over do it this time. I am now following you and will be looking out for your new ideas.
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You are right but, there is a mistake in drawing i think because there is still time for spring part to start.