Bitcoin continues to rise the bullish channel

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Bitcoin has renewed the top and continues on the bullish channel , short-term correction is expected in the region of 14,000, where it is the same top of June/2019 and fibo region.

I continue to buy 100% with no forecast for sale.
Comment: Bitcoin hit exactly 14k fibo, and the daily candles show a lack of strength, so I believe we have a good chance of correction for the 13.1k or 12.5k region, so I sold 1/3 bitcoin at 13,880.

I will buy back depending on how to keep going up or correct myself for the points mentioned above.

Comment: Chart update, bitcoin continues to rise strongly, at this moment it faces yet another fibo region, it is also breaking up a bullish channel, if confirmed, bitcoin could create a more inclined bullish channel soon.
I still have 2/3 bought, waiting for an opportunity to buy the rest.

Comment: Bitcoin dump sharply yesterday, but is already rebounding above the former bullish channel, which is now serving as support. This region is likely to be in a strong fight to decide a new direction for Bitcoin.

I left a limit buy order in the region of 15,060 that has already been executed, now I'm back with 100% bitcoin.