OKX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin/Tether
On the weekly timeframe, support and consolidation channel is formed - flat highs.

Going into the daily and 4 hour, we see price action playing withing the sideways range.

The sideways range is "protected bu strong resistance and support at the daily timeframe.

For scalpers. Look for strong Buy entries above 30,087 or Sell entries below 28,568.

If BTC breaks above 31,825, its high chance that the break will be caused by News. Expect a bull to the 32-34k range. While most new sites will start publishing "Bull market is back" news, fundamentally, there is no reason why BTC will break above that.

Suggest waiting for reasonable pullback to 25k or 20k levels for strong support to form on higher timeframe, before bull run actually kicks in.