One idea for BTC Elliott wave count (revised)

Wave counts corrected.
The uppermost W wave begins with a zigzag whose first part is a diagonal triangle with a thrust, followed by wave X adjacent to wave Y, which is also counted as a triangle.
The whole structure can be counted as a diagonal triangle ABCDE instead of the triple zigzag WXYXZ, in which case a thrust will likely appear at the end of wave E.

Just an idea. Including revisions on previous ideas.

WXYXZ: Elliot triple combo waves (e.g., a triple zigzag )
WXY: Elliot double combo waves (e.g., a double zigzag )

Basic principle:
If a wave is a zigzag , it comprises three waves decomposed as 5-3-5.
If WXY or WXYXZ is a zigzag , W, Y, and Z are each a zigzag .
W, Y, and Z waves can each be a double or triple zigzag .
X wave can be any corrective wave.

A complex corrective wave often comprises fractal complex corrective structures.
A triangle RARELY appears in the second wave of an orthodox impulse.
A triangle prevents an equal-sized reversal pattern (a double top , a head-and-shoulders) from forming until it completes.
If a HORIZONTAL triangle seems to have an extended E wave, it should instead be counted as a three-wave structure.
Truncation is not considered in this count.

Gann Square placement is just an idea. Please don't blame me for the number of components.
I applied it this time so X waves or minor corrective movements don't penetrate the arcs.

This is just an idea. Another counting would be possible. I don't insist this is the only correct answer.
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Fuether correction.
Wave Y must have been of a three-wave structure.


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