Leverage 10x
Entry 47000 - 47500
Stop 48100
Targets 45200 - 43850 - 42450 - 41010 - 40450

I don't usually set this many TP's but I think we could see a huge rejection @ 48k , SHORT opportunity. You can see how I've drawn our what has so far been a repeat of July 26th to August 5th. Given the strength in BTC recently, It would make sense to see a fakeout up to around 48k before it drops, should it follow the repeating pattern.

Risking 20% trade margin, it's worth it for IMO for 80% profits should all TP's be hit.

Move stops to BE as soon as TP1 is hit
Trade active: I adjusted my entry & Leverage
Leverage 15x
Entry 46300
Same targets
Comment: TP1 hit
Trade closed: stop reached: BTC hit trailing SL after reaching TP1