BITFINEX:BTGUSD   Bitcoin Gold / U.S. Dollar

And so, the price broke through the consolidation, while it was a large volume ,
which speaks of the buyers' initiative. It is worth noting that BTG is similar in its technology with BCH,
is clearly unbeatable, and with the growth of the market, in percentage terms should grow much more.
Now the coin has fallen very much (it is relevant for the whole market),
therefore long-term purchases in this area are a good long-term investment.

Also note that the coin began to move independently of the BTC , and looks much stronger than the market, which also speaks of the increased interest of investors to it
wrong is not just like BCH, BTG is ASIC resistant, you can mine it with normal GPU, which is fair for everyone.
anonycoin anonycoin
@anonycoin, I am all out with BTG, bitfinex, bittrex, bithumb etc. biggest exchange ready. No need to worry at the bottom.
looks good
Agreed. Just made a large move into BTG.