Bitshares (BTS) The Force is very strong here...

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
Bitshares has announced a partnership with a FDIC insured Arise Bank. Here is a link. This is fairly recent news....

With regulated banking and all the benefits that come with its liquidity and overall legitimacy within the new space, I.M.O. Bitshares is on the brink of a huge break out. It may revisit it's previous highs which are way up there. This is already proven grounds for the price, Bitshares will not have to break out to new highs to give up nice gains here. The news here is our catalyst and we have had a steady amount of overall green volume . This 30 min chart shows a possible entry here, with a fairly tight stop. I think this channel holds and may blow up as this news breaks out into the public participation phase of this price action. Bitcoin is looking strong as I type this, however I believe this FDIC banking news, XRP banking news and other overall good news is driving the regulated adoption phase of the cryptocurrency projects out there. Bitcoin will run well this weekend along with the "safe" bank plays....
This is just my perspective on how this may play out. Please do your own research and make your own decisions. Do not trade more than you can afford lose. Best of Luck and Let's Ride!!! xxwhitevaderxx
Comment: BTS is holding up as BTC moves well past 19k. set your stops. best of luck xx
Trade active: still holding. it came close to being stopped out when BTC ran up to 20k. but we are set to run now. I'm always early!!! not a bad thing.... set that stop. Lets Ride!!
Trade closed manually: Take profit. happy New Year