The slowest path to a breakout: March 25-Apr 2

Personally, I think we're good for a bounce on Monday 11th. As 18 is a beautiful level:

61 fib retracement
3 or 4 reversal dojis on the daily.
Horizontal support on the weekly sticks.
End of any numerous triangles / wedges .

But, if the market wants to go a bit slower and lower than we anticipate; how slow can this go?

Could be a small, quick stop busting dip/wick. That could drag this out to March 15th or so.

Some horizontal supports here. And the Eye of Sauron would take this up to about March 25th.

A total collapse all the way back down to 9, dare even 6. Would take us into the beginning of April. That is when this thing is due to launch on BitTorrent. Makes sense fundamentally, but not really! You'd expect some anticipation to reflect in the price before then.

Place your bets/plan some boredom busting activities!
Trade active: This is my personal investment strategy here; I bought in a bit early. As I'm hoping for a long shot at repeating what TRX did during its first 3months online, and I don't want to miss out on that! A bit over-eager in hindsight, but no biggy.

If that doesn't pan out, I plan to double up my investment way down low, assuming a worst-case scenario (a dip to 6-12 sats, then sideways)... I intend to buy on the sideways bit, wherever that lands.

And then according to the worst-case scenario, a future pump (which is inevitable to some degree) would bring us up back to near / just under my original buy-in, as per the laws of Senor Sod! But at the point, I'll sell my Plan B, to break me even overall via a double up there. And then let BTT do whatever it wants to do, with Plan A riding free!


Nice TA. Thanks for sharing.
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