2015 Trend: Sucker's rally followed by cup & handle BTT new ATH

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We are seeing a clearer trend of where top 100 alt season will start and reach it's peak.
When comparing 2017 to the doctom bubble, it seems a massive new technology explosion took place 15 times faster than the euphoria experienced in 2001.

When looking at bitcoin's algorithmic hashrate, it seems Q2 of 2019 was a sucker's rally, similar to the one experienced in 2015.
Contrasting today's massive performance on the stocks that survived 2001's doctom bubble after reaching 98% losses from ATHs followed by a slow rise amidst regulation and adoption,
the crypto market is a trillionaire market in the making and the trend should continue as follows:

2013 has been very similar to 2017 in the crypto market.
2014 was very similar to 2018 where a gigantic bloody correction burst the bubble yet again.
2015 saw a sucker's rally signaling a bottom and a future rally potential, just like it happened early January of 2019
2016 Bitcoin had it's second halving, taking it from $185 early January 2015 bottom to $780 June 2016.

As miner difficulty increases and bitcoin becomes more scarce, the block reward will be reduced from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC .
With a pool of 15,700 miners that puts the price of bitcoin anywhere from 16k to 53k around the date of the next bitcoin halving.
( BTC Price: $6,500 x 6.25 = $ 40 ,625).

Institutional Trading is Heating Up
There is currently only a bit more than $2B in crypto. There was a large study done by JPMorgan, which found out that every $1B that goes into crypto increases the market cap by $50B.
So, this means that the actual FIAT money that went into crypto over the last few years is only 2% of what the total amount of cryptos are worth and that there is only $2.2B in crypto total right now, because $2.2B * 50 =$110B, that’s what all crypto is currently worth.

At the height of the last bull run, there were around $20B in crypto.
Say Bitcoin reaches a $30,000 price and a $240B market cap, we would probably be at a total $1T market cap.

There is only $20B entering crypto needed this year, since every $1B that enters crypto, increases the market cap by $50B.
BAKKT, Fidelity and ETFs could easily add $10B to this, which would make the crypto market increase by 5x alone.

Add small investors, Bitcoin whales and we are at $20B and a $1T total market cap again like in 2017, where we topped out at $800B total crypto market cap.

For bitcoin to reach $100K the market cap will have to be about $2 trillion. This is around one quarter of the market cap of gold and 1/7 of the US money supply. Models based on stock currently reaching bubble levels again after 2001 hints at a second dotcom crash sometime in 2020, some call it the Unicorn apocalypse led by Wework and Uber. This will bring a flow of money to the crypto market like the world has never seen before suggesting bitcoin will indeed hit $100K before 2022.

As of today, Warren Buffet and Justin Sun have supposedly opposing ideas, it could be orchestrated though, while Warren Buffet sits on a pile of cash worth 128 billion dollars, waiting for the tech bubble to burst after 33,000% increases every since the dotcom bubble event, the entire silicon valley, from Elon Musk to Jack Dorsey and even Peter Thiel are endorsing bitcoin . On the other hand, China, Japan and Europe are starting to make moves to ban cash all together and adopt bitcoin . So, betting on Chinese and European projects at the start of December will be a real winner in my point of view. In bittorrent's case, the grand father of peer to peer networks can definitely eclipse Netflix and amazon prime with it's already promising btfs project and 100 million users on board.

I see a clear cup and handle coming up for Binance IEOs on the top 100 alts.
Trade closed: target reached: This project is dead meat, sorry to say. Sold and never looking back. There are better projects out there
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