Looks to Buy CAD/JPY Bollinger Band Idea

FX:CADJPY   Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen
Looks to buy on on the RS1 ...the support and resistant lines on my chart line up with the Bollinger bands showing a good history of price action. Double Bottom On the Daily chart is a sign to sell. Price is moving in the ichimoku cloud i didn't add the cloud to the chart because of the bollinger bands but if you click on the ichimoku cloud you can see that price is inside the cloud..very intresting . There maybe retracement on the hourly chart when trade starts....I am adding the pivot method P is 78.9161...R1 is 79.3532...R2 is 79.7305...R3 is 80.1676 ....S1 is 78.5388....S2 is 78.1017...S3 is 77.7244

I think price will go to R1 and am ready if S1. Looks like stronge buy. The RSI is in a good position for a buy.
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A video on the Ichimoku Cloud method http://youtu.be/k-XG77_cooQ

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