$CAD vs. $JPY - Expecting A Geo-Based Decline To 93.028 #forex

FX:CADJPY   Canadian Dollar / Japanese Yen
867 47 13
Geometry completes at 5-prime, making 94.00 a significant bullish entrenchment to consider first and foremost.

Level of Point-3 = 96.807 offers a probable short trigger value, corresponding to base of discreet nodular geometry.

On its own, Predictive/Forecasting Model remains intent on 90.005.

Background Elliott Wave appears to remain intact, as 4th wave terminates clear of Wave-1 territory.

Look for invalidation > Point-5'.

David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
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David Alcindor

Comment: 07 NOV 2015 - Following is a cut/paste of the "Chart Update" and "Tech-Note" comments made in the discussion thread - I am merely moving them in this "Update Status" so as to keep it easily accessible and chronologically clear:

21 APR 2015 - ADDENDUM:

Chart at time of release:

David Alcindor

28 APR 2015 - Update:

From Twitter/LinkedIn:
$CADJPY eyes 99.122 as probable structurally-defined level of reversal; Bearish:

$CAD $JPY $USD #BOC #BOJ #forex
David Alcindor

29 APR 2015 - Update:

From Twitter/LinkedIn:
$CADJPY stalls at 99.122 structure; Off-Set Rule defines more proximal support at 96.807:

David Alcindor

12 MAY 2015

Now, watch out for this DAILY:

Depending on the risk profile of your account, this makes for a great potential, as well.
David Alcindor

03 AUG 2015:
Here is the DAILY chart - I have added bearish targets, in case it carves out lower-lows:

@HamedAghajani, expect your 60-min. chart to complete a 5', allowing price to relax to the UP-side with limitation based on Geo's Off-Set Rule, as price remains under bearish control.
David Alcindor

21 AUG 2015 - UPDATE:

From Twitter/LinkedIn:
$CADJPY hit 93.295 target as forecast; Intent on 92.293, eyes 90.005:

$CAD $JPY #BOC #BOJ #loonie #yen $USD #forex
David Alcindor

23 AUG 2015 - UPDATE:

From Twitter/LinkedIn:
$CADJPY hit all bear targets as forecast; Bulls readying in stand-by riposte:

$CAD $JPY #BOC #BOJ #loonie #yen
David Alcindor

27 AUG 2015 - Chart Update:

@iefan - I have kept sight on this WEEKLY chart instead, wherein I have included your WW/Geo - Of note, I have entered a long position already, at the completion of the last bearish Qual-Target. This is a long play in the making, both in time horizon and frame.

David Alcindor

27 AUG 2015 - Tech-Note:

Note how the RSI has been associated with significant moves relative to the prior highs, in the Fibonacci order of at least 0.386 (subsequently arriving at Point-1), or even extensions of at least 1.414 (subsequently arriving at Point-3).

Further downside is always a possibility, so a tight SL is (always is) in order.
Comment: 07 NOV 2015 - Chart Update / Tech-Note:

We're in this educational trade for the long haul ... I would use this as a whether-van. An interim decline remains a limited potential, whereas a long-term rally is still the forecast in force.

INVALIDATION of the Predictive/Forecasting Model should be set at BACA < 50% Line.

David Alcindor
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